Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Supreme Court of the United States denied the Hirmers' Petition for writ of certiorari

If you at all wonder why I often say, "The Law Is a Fraud!" This is why! Law = Theology.
It is always open to interpretation by the ruling "revelators;" prophets, lawyers, judges of the day. There are NO absolutes, NO immutability, NO divine revelation! The only absolute in the law is the ruling revelator's willingness to use lethal coercion to enforce their interpretation of TheoLawlogy.
This is why Your belief in and reliance upon this shifting quicksand of "lawfulness" must come to an end. Embrace your inner outlaw! Attend to the only law that has ever naturally existed, Natural Law. Embrace what "Nature's God" has shown by example, the Talion Law. The right to retributive justice.
Quit going to the "matrix" for justice. The truism is oft repeated ad nauseum that, "No man is above the law." Humbuggery, Balderdash and Drool!! Man has ALWAYS placed himself above the law because it is up to man to interpret "the law." PoLice, prosecutors, lawyers and judges place themselves above the law everyday by their interpretations of what the "law" means and how to enforce it. Grammar, semantics, hermeneutics means nothing to those whose pattern and practice is deception and brigandism.
Below is evidence again of wherewith I speak!
Nemo me impune lacessit!

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The Supreme Court of the United States denied the Hirmers' Petition for writ of

Despite having uncontroverted evidence that several states intentionally amended
the language of the 16th Amendment as proposed by Congress, conduct the
government admits violates Art. V of the Constitution, district court judges in
Pensacola, Florida and Chicago, Illinois, the entire panel of the 7th Circuit
court of appeals, three judges in the 11th Circuit court of appeals, and at
least five judges of the Supreme Court (I don't know if any of the judges voted
to grant cert) have each violated their oaths to support and defend the

The denial of the petition for writ of cert in the Benson case has ended that
case. The criminal trial of the Hirmers is scheduled to commence on March 1st. I
am currently preparing for trial. The trial is expected to last between three
and six months.

So what is next now that we know for a certainty that the federal courts are
closed to protecting the Constitution, and the people, from fraud of the
Executive branch of government in the collection of the federal income tax, and
are closed to protecting the First and Fifth amendment rights of those who would
expose that fraud?

I believe it is now incumbent upon the people to press Congress to remove the
culprit judges from office for bad behavior through the impeachment process. The
second is that the people need to press Congress to declare the 16th Amendment
not ratified. Third, is that the people need to take action to widely publicize
the conduct of the federal judiciary and the attorneys working for the goverment
in order to bring about the first and second actions.

Hopefully, there are those among you with the fortitude to assume positions of
leadership to bring about the above suggestions.


Jeffrey A. Dickstein
Attorney at Law
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown's Upset Victory Puts Dems on Notice

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It is certainly one of the biggest political upsets, as Republican Scott Brown won the U.S. senate seat long held by Ted Kennedy.

Brown's victory over Democratic candidate Martha Coakley has dealt a huge blow to President Obama and Democrats, who have now lost their 60 vote supermajority in the Senate, which could doom the health care bill and passage of legislation on climate change and other top priorities for the White House.

"The political consequences are really potentially devastating," CBS News Chief White House Correspondent Chip Reid told Bill Plante on Wednesday's "Washington Unplugged." "If they can't push ahead at all then the president gets labeled as a failure on his major domestic initiatives. If he does push ahead and somehow gets this through moderate Democrats are in trouble and are going to be very worried. It could be a lose, lose proposition."

According to Republican strategist Kevin Madden, "Democrats today are trying to figure out what do they do next and there isn't any consensus on what the answers are. Right now what you saw were voters up in Massachusetts sending a message, a nationalized message quite frankly, that they are upset with the political overreach, the legislative overreach that Democrats have engaged in."

Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis explained, "You have this volatile electorate. It is anti-incumbent, anti-politician. That creates a very volatile political dynamic."

"In terms of our big priorities, whether it's health care, some of the other initiatives, to be frank about it I just don't think we've done as good a job, as effective a job in messaging this, " Kofinis also noted.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti EarthQuake H.A.A.R.P 2010


by Tom DeWeese
January 13, 2010

In recent years Americans have become more and more alarmed at the lack of adherence to the U.S. Constitution exercised by Congress and other elected representatives. The list of violations has grown large indeed.

Some have tried to fight the violations through the election process, attempting to remove those representatives who have perpetrated them. Others have tried to fight infringing legislation as it is introduced. Still others have fought in the courts, attempting to defend liberties in front of judges who have sworn to uphold the Constitution.

To date, little has worked as many elected representatives and court rooms openly defy the Constitution, calling it antiquated. Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court announce that they now look to international law for precedence and guidance, rather than the Constitution. Government at all levels is growing ever further from the reach of the people. In such a growing desperate situation is it possible to restore the Republic to the vision of the Founding Fathers?

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ron Paul's ideas no longer fringe

With the economy still struggling, the lawmaker's libertarian views are getting serious attention.

Ron Paul

Ron Paul, shown in 2007, understands that historical circumstances have thrust his ideas to the fore. "An intellectual fight is going on," he says. (Orlin Wagner / Associated Press)

By Don Lee

January 2, 2010

Reporting from Washington - For three decades, Texas congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul's extreme brand of libertarian economics consigned him to the far fringes even among conservatives. Not a few times, his views put him on the losing end of 434-1 votes on Capitol Hill.

No longer. With the economy still struggling and political divisions deepening, Paul's ideas not only are gaining a wider audience but also are helping to shape a potentially historic battle over economic policy -- a struggle that will affect everything including jobs, growth and the nation's place in the global economy.

Already, Paul's long-derided proposal to give Congress supervisory power over the traditionally independent Federal Reserve appears to be on its way to becoming law.

His warnings on deficits and inflation are now Republican mantras. Read more.