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The REAL Scoop On Cindy Sheehan

"I've evolved to the place I am now from being "anti-war" to being anti-imperialism, anti-fascism, anti-corporatism, that really characterize the nature of this conflict and the nature of the United States."

Click here to read the story on and go to the last line to for the link to listen to Alex Jones' recent interview with Cindy.

Keep Ron Paul in the June 5 New Hampshire Debate!

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Dear Fellow Conservative:

The next Republican presidential debate is just days away. It will be held at 7:00 pm Eastern Time on Tuesday, June 5 in New Hampshire. Its sponsors are CNN, the Manchester (NH) Union Leader, and WMUR-TV. CNN will televise the debate, which is being hosted by Wolf Blitzer.

It’s up to you and I and all our conservative friends to make sure this is a real debate—with real conservative views allowed—and not a sham Soviet-style “debate” with just one Establishment-approved viewpoint expressed.

I expect intense behind-the-scenes pressure to be placed on the three debate sponsors to get Rep. Ron Paul off the panel on June 5. And WE have to counteract with pressure to keep this a true debate. That’s why I have launched a petition on Click here for more.

America Has Arrived: We Can't Get A Job Without FED Approval?!


Nancy Levant
May 29, 2007

Let’s begin with a couple of recent little details about which you’ve been told nothing:

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a proposal on March 1 to establish minimum standards for state-issued driver's licenses and identification cards in compliance with the REAL ID Act of 2005.

DHS-proposed regulations set standards for states to meet the requirements of the REAL ID Act, including security features that must be incorporated into each card, verification of information provided by applicants to establish their identity and lawful status in the United States, and physical security standards for all locations where licenses and identification cards are issued.

Now, to the nuts and bolts of truth: Introduced by Representatives Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz), met The STRIVE Act - Security Through Regularized Immigration and a Vibrant Economy Act of 2007. This Act, full of dialectic/deceiving c**p, also introduces the EEVES proposal, which is the Employment Eligibility Verification System and the real deal of this Act.Click here to read a summary of the STRIVE ACT OF 2007 and here for the rest of Nancy's article.

Activists Go Face To Face With Evil As Rockefeller Confronted

We Are Change group ask arch-elitist why he admits to working to destroy America in his own book
Prison Planet | May 29, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

As part of a blitz of recent activism in which Al Gore, Rudy Giuliani and the CFR were all confronted, Infowars reporter Luke Rudkowski and the rest of the We Are Change crew went face to face with evil when they paid a visit to arch-elitist David Rockefeller at his own home in New York.

The group scouted out Rockefeller's address and waited for him to exit, watched closely by security guards, before informing him of the fact that a citizen's grand jury was seeking his indictment for his involvement in 9/11. Click here for the full article on Luke Rudkowski, Tom Foti and other members of confront David Rockefeller, kingpin spokesperson for the New World Order-- who has stated in his autobiography that he is an 'internationalist and proud' and not only intends to destroy the sovereignty of the United States in favor of world government, but claims to have set in motion 'irreversible' actions to that end.

Rockefeller has used literally hundreds of intitutions and foundations-- many of which he or his family's dynasty have founded-- to pursue world government, including the most notorious organizations, all of which he covers in the 'Proud Internationalist'chapter of "Memoirs"-- the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg group, the Council on Foreign Relations, amongst many, many others.

WeAreChange founder Luke Rudkowski-- a freelance reporter for used the book Memoirs to seek an autograph in excuse to approach and confront the aging traitor outside of his New York home. Click here for the full article over on

Bill Maher: Americans Have Made Sacrifices

Bill Maher dispels the notion that Americans have not made sacrifices for the "war on terror."

Ron Paul On The Dennis Miller Show Yesterday

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Congressman Ron Paul was a guest on the Dennis Miller radio show on Wednesday, May 30th at 10:15 a.m. CT.

Click here for The Dennis Miller Show.
Click here to listen to Ron Paul on yesterday's Dennis Miller show.

Bush's detention facilities

Bush's detention facilities
Posted: May 30, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern

Houston-based KBR, formerly the engineering and construction subsidiary of Halliburton Co., has a contingency contract in place with the Department of Homeland Security to construct detention facilities in the event of a national emergency.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, spokeswoman Jamie Zuieback confirmed yesterday in a telephone interview that the KBR contract for $385 million was awarded initially in January 2006 for a one-year base period with four one-year options. It has been extended into 2007. KBR held a previous emergency detention contract with ICE from 2000 to 2005.

Zuieback told this writer the primary intent of the KBR contract was to build temporary detention facilities that could be used in the event of a mass migration across the border that required ICE to respond on a quick basis to an illegal-immigration crisis. Click here for more.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The surprising relevance of Ron Paul

The Crank
by Michael Crowley
Post date 05.25.07 | Issue date 06.04.07

Astar had just been born when, a day after the May 15 Republican presidential debate in South Carolina, I met Texas Representative Ron Paul for lunch on Capitol Hill. The meeting had been scheduled for several days; but, as luck would have it, the previous night Paul had gone from an oddball obscurity to a major sensation in the political world when, answering a question about September 11, he seemed to suggest that the attacks were justified by an aggressive U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. "They attack us because we've been over there. We've been bombing Iraq for ten years," Paul explained. The ever-macho Rudy Giuliani was quick to pounce. "That's an extraordinary statement," he marveled. "And I would ask the congressman to withdraw that comment and tell us that he didn't really mean that." The crowd roared its approval. A previously flagging Giuliani suddenly enjoyed his best moment of the race....Click here for the complete article posted on GATA. And here for more on the New Republic site.

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Ron Paul on The Dennis Miller Show

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

3:56 PM - Ron Paul on Dennis Miller Show
Category: News and Politics

Congressman Ron Paul will be a guest on the Dennis Miller radio show on Wednesday, May 30th at 10:15 a.m. CT.

Click here for The Dennis Miller Show.

Riddles in Stone: The Secret Architecture of Washington DC

The Secret Government

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Could Ron Paul Win in New Hampshire?

Friday, May 25, 2007 -

Could Presidential candidate and Congressman Ron Paul (R-Tex) win the Republican national primary in New Hampshire? If he did so, the momentum would be significant – and the press coverage massive - as New Hampshire may be the first state to hold a formal election, even beating out the Iowa caucus.

“Ron Paul could win in New Hampshire,” says a source close to the campaign. “It would be an explosive political act – one that would devastate the common wisdom. The mainstream media hasn’t realized it yet, but folks in New Hampshire take him seriously.” Click here for more.

Thoughts on the Ron Paul campaign

Ron Paul Warns America of New World Order

25 05 2007

Steve Watson
Prison Planet
Friday, May 25, 2007

When Ron Paul told a packed TV studio and
Though it is clear Ron Paul was undermining the fallacy the American people have been sold in the shape of the “war on terror”, Paul was also repeating an assertion he has made many times before that the agenda of those in the White House now is a systematic continuation of aggression abroad as well as an exploitation of its fallout in order to push for total authoritarian global control.In his famed Neoconned speech a few years ago for example, Paul outlined the fact that the self-proclaimed neo-conservatives are not conservative and there is nothing new about the disgraceful philosophy to which they adhere. Their philosophy of endless war and big government really finds its roots in Machiavelli’s obsession with the “greatness of the state” along with Trotsky’s belief in “permanent revolution.” Click here for more.


Hattip to Houston 9/11 Truth.


The Whitest Kids You Know: Trevor talks to children!

It's Personal

Is The White House Running Scared of America's New "View" About 9/11?

Was this program canceled because of The White House's Press Conference?

According to Jim Fetzer in his presention last night ABC and the producers of "The View" canceled their plans to air "Loose Change" and William Rodrigez because President Bush and the White House scheduled a news conference at the EXACT time that "The View" was to air. Click here for more.

Editor's Note: Was this why Rosie O'Donnell on May 25, 2007 announced she would leave, effective immediately, three weeks before her contract was set to expire? In April O'Donnell had originally announced she would be leaving the show on June 20 after being unable to reach a contract agreement with ABC. Her replacement has not been announced. Click here for more.

Or was it just another cat fight with Elizabeth - plenty of options to spin here.

Fight on The View!

Posted May 23, 2007

The claws come out when Elisabeth gets fed up and finally loses her temper on Rosie...BIGTIME.

Ron Paul Kicks Butt On Bill Maher's HBO Poll

Click here to vote now!!

Jim Fetzer talks to Fox News Radio

This happened in the studio at CAN-TV in Chicago around 6:10 pm on May 24, 2007. We were originally going to air both sides of the conversation until Fox News Radio objected.

Fox News Interviews Zombie Uncle Sam

This fellow has a great act!

Sibel Edmonds - still waiting for justice; Sound Familiar?

Demand open hearings in the Sibel Edmonds case. Call Congressman Waxman (202) 225-3976.

Ron Paul on Bill Maher 5-25-07

Hattip to Stopthelie

US government fans homeland terrorism fear

Washington consensus plans for martial law, nuclear terror holocaust, behind closed doors

by Larry Chin
Global Research
May 15, 2007

The US government and Washington elites are aggressively ramping up their “war on terrorism” rhetoric and propaganda, stoking fear and paranoia in order to bolster their war agenda, and reinvigorate the mass public perception of new and growing “homegrown terrorism” threats to the US homeland. Click here for more.

Ron Paul On The Record

The Texas Congressman’s best quotes on martial law, foreign policy, the economy and more.
Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, May 24, 2007

Over the years we have had the opportunity to interview Ron Paul many times and in light of the recent runaway success and resonance of his presidential campaign, we decided to compile the Texas Congressman’s best quotes on subjects ranging from martial law to the plunging dollar to foreign policy. Click here for more.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Applying The Greatest Disinfectant Against BIG Media Lies & Spin: The Truth

A Fox, a Wolf, and a Whole Lot of Bull (1 of 2)

These two videos attempt to shed some light on the media coverage and accusations surrounding Ron Paul; specifically in regards to what happened in the May 15th GOP debate.

A Fox, a Wolf, and a Whole Lot of Bull (2 of 2)

Hattip to BoilingFrogs for the great work!

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Heavy Heated Ron Paul Debate on CNN's Paula Zahn Now

Watch this and spread it far and wide! The tide is turning! Digg this now!

NSPD 51: The Next National Emergency Enables Fascist Dictatorship

We did report earlier that the Washington Post wrote an article about this: Bush Changes Continuity Plan
Administration, Not DHS, Would Run Shadow Government
By Spencer S. Hsu
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, May 10, 2007; Page A12

A group that calls itself "Sacramento For Democracy" simply reposted a brief outline of the Washington Post's article with the addition of one emblem - see below:

Here's one article from "The Progressive":

Bush Anoints Himself as the Insurer of Constitutional Government

By Matthew Rothschild

May 18, 2007

With scarcely a mention in the mainstream media, President Bush has ordered up a plan for responding to a catastrophic attack.
In a new National Security Presidential Directive, Bush lays out his plans for dealing with a “catastrophic emergency.”

Under that plan, he entrusts himself with leading the entire federal government, not just the Executive Branch. And he gives himself the responsibility “for ensuring constitutional government.” Click here for more.

Mark Yannone said it best when commenting on the above article:

United States of America is overthrown by rogue White House

The United States now has a president who believes he is in complete control of the nation, that his Executive Order has placed him above the law, and that he alone will decide when he will exercise his most dangerous powers. In short, George Bush has announced his plan to behave as a dictator, thereby placing every nation at grave risk. -mjy

And to think that this is just one of 51 NSPDs that have been issued beginning on - what prescient timing and foresight!! - on February 13, 2001 with NSPD1:

SUBJECT: Organization of the National Security Council System

This document is the first in a series of National Security Presidential Directives. National Security Presidential Directives shall replace both Presidential Decision Directives and Presidential Review Directives as an instrument for communicating presidential decisions about the national security policies of the United States.

Click here to read about ALL 51 NSPDs that the national media have been successful in maintaining a complete black out of discussion among We The People!!

And to think this may be all just a game!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Numero UNO!!: Ron Paul's Youtube Channel Passes 10,000+

Subscribe to Ron Paul's channel today by visting this link now!

Obama is # 2:

Hillary is # 3:

Mitt is a distant # 4:

Editor's Note: We're still trying to find Sir Rudy's channel. For all we know it might be buried with the steel in China.

Confessions Of A Ron Paul Junkie

Hat tip Ron Paul for President.

Rep. Ron Paul's speech about the REAL erosion of freedoms.

Presented on the floor of Congress yesterday, May 22, 2007.

Rep. Ron Paul's speech about the REAL erosion of freedoms.

ATTENTION: Listen to Aaron on Alex Jones show

In case you missed it, Aaron was on The Alex Jones show today for almost a full hour. He was on in the third hour. I recorded that portion of the show and have uploaded it for you all so you don't have to listen to the entire show if you don't have the time.

Here are the direct links. Please pass about and use as you wish.

Samuel Anthony Ettaro
National Director of New Media

Aaron Russo Comments On Giuliani's Rampant 9/11 Profiteering...

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Russo agreed that Paul should attack Giuliani on his rampant profiteering from 9/11 and his complicity in covering up the toxic dust scandal as well as his flagrant disregard for firefighter's remains that were ordered to be "scooped and dumped" in a landfill after fellow firefighters were threatened with arrest if they tried to interrupt the ground zero clean up procedure. Click here for more.

Russo: Ron Paul Should Attack Giuliani In Next Debate

Film maker and former presidential candidate advises Texas Congressman to target former New York Mayor

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Film maker and former presidential candidate Aaron Russo has a simple piece of advice for Ron Paul should he wish to continue the amazing momentum that the Texas Congressman's campaign has built up over the last few weeks - attack Rudy Giuliani.

Russo, producer of the hugely popular documentary America: From Freedom to Fascism, is currently battling against cancer and used his extensive experience of political campaigning and knowledge of how the media operates to advise the Texas Congressman on his strategy for the next debate, which is to be held on August 5th.

"I spoke to Ron and I think what Ron has to do right now is go after Rudy Giuliani," Russo told the Alex Jones Show. Click here for more.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ron Paul Creates REAL Discussion of the Nation's Issues

Written by Al Barger
Published May 21, 2007

Thank heavens for Ron Paul. Of all the candidates running for US president in the spring of 2007, Ron Paul has clearly done more than the rest of them put together to inject serious talk about real issues. Whether you agree with his outlook on any given issue, he's got a serious and well considered viewpoint that bears consideration.

For example, I was very glad to see him in the first debate hosted by Chris Matthews on MSNBC. At one point, he asked about national ID cards. Oh yeah, good idea, fine, prudent thinking. Then the question got to Ron Paul, who had a big ol' "hell no" answer, invoking the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Suddenly all these other Republican candidates are backpedaling as hard as they can. That was a valuable service to the public debate from Congressman Paul. I'm real glad he was there thumping that pesky Constitution. Click here for more.

UPDATE: Ron Paul & CIA Analyst Michael Scheuer “Educate Rudy” 5/24/07

Perhaps one of the most important boosts to the Ron Paul campaign will happen Thursday, 5/24/07. This may be his break-out moment. He will conduct a conference at the national press club in Washington with the very credible former CIA Bin Laden Unit analyst Michael Scheuer. Click here for more.

Ron Paul's dark secret


Is Magneto the alter ego of Ron Paul? Does he wield super powers?
Ron Paul, who was already gathering momentum on the internet has exploded in popularity. He has won hands down every straw poll he's been in. Internet traffic related to Paul is through the roof. The search term 'Ron Paul' has been dominating over all other political candidates in every metric. Ron Paul has been reigning supreme over the blog tracker Technorati and the video site Youtube since the debates and he shows little sign of being unseated anytime soon. Ron Paul has become so popular, he has spawned his own anti-paul fan club. A small group of individuals scurrying around the internet attempting to disparage the statesman. They often drop quotes which are either out of context or just plain wrong. Another tactic is to claim that Paul's support is much less than it appears to be, and is merely due to a dedicated group trying to 'game' the system. This of course doesn't stand up to the metrics and the companies that report such statistics which make their money and found their entire livelihood on being fairly accurate which show that interest in Paul is clearly widespread and quite real. The fact seems to be, Ron Paul resonates with the internet crowd and the more people find out about him, the more people like him. The question remains however as to whether or not he can translate internet popularity into actual votes.
Click here for more.

Key GOP Group Endorses Ron Paul

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Category: News and Politics

May 22, 2007
Came in from: TN 4 Ron Paul 2008
ARLINGTON, VA – The United Republicans of California (UROC) have unanimously endorsed Congressman Ron Paul for president of the United States. UROC, formed in 1963 to support Barry Goldwater, represents the traditional conservative wing of the California Republican Party.

"The unanimous endorsement from the United Republicans of California proves what the campaign has been saying all along," said campaign chairman Kent Snyder. "Ron Paul is the only true conservative and real Republican in the race." Click here and here for more.

Ron Paul Beating Rudy Giuliani At WLS 890 AM Poll

Results as of 9:48 pm Central time.

Vote for Ron Paul here.

Hat tip Daily Paul.

What Can You Do For Ron Paul?

Censored in Great Britain: Scientific Proof of Life After Death....


Censored in Great Britain:

By Michael Roll

Here is an extraordinary paradox. Only those who can be relied upon to dismiss the findings and conclusions of our pioneers of radio and television are allowed on radio and television!

Our scientists who support the British pioneers of radio and television - Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge and John Logie Baird - have been blocked from speaking on the radio or appearing on television. Only a handful of local radio presenters have defied this official and unofficial censorship, notably James Whale.

There are two expert opinions as to what so-called paranormal phenomena are, but in this "free" country the British people are only allowed access to the explanation that is politically correct, the first version that is listed below, because it is no danger to the powerful religious and scientific establishments:

Click here for more.


Uncomfortable Historical Facts That we are Never Taught at School in the Theocracy of England

A theocracy is a country where the Church and the State are established - a form of government directed through a priestly order.

Unelected Christian bishops and their allies in the House of Lords make our laws. As we do not have a written constitution in England, the law of the land is our constitution. It is against the law to tell the truth! The common law offence of blasphemous libel is still in place even though the Law Commission in 1982 strongly recommended that it should be abolished. There are sinister clauses in this law that stop certain historical facts from even being presented to the public on the grounds that they upset believers in priestcraft — Christians. No obscurant would be stupid enough to sue anybody under this antiquated law, but it is a perfect tool for censorship. Editors say, "We can’t publish your articles because they are against the law." And they are absolutely correct in our "free" country! Click here for more.

The Scientific And Rationalist Case For Life After Death - Part 1

The Scientific And Rationalist Case For Life After Death - Part 2

The Scientific And Rationalist Case For Life After Death - Part 3

The Scientific And Rationalist Case For Life After Death - Part 4