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Paul "will almost certainly lead the pack of Republican candidates in 4th quarter fundraising"

Indeed, Paul’s campaign is in great shape financially — and not just for a dark horse. He’s raised more than $10 million since Oct. 1, almost certainly will lead the pack of Republican candidates in fourth-quarter fundraising and likely will post the largest single-quarter haul of contributions of any Republican this year.

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Please Help NH Ron Paul Tour

Grass roots 'big ace' in Ron Paul's White House bid

By Fredreka Schouten, USA TODAY
WASHINGTON — Ron Paul joked during Wednesday's Republican debate that so much money is pouring into his campaign from the Internet that he's "struggling to figure out how to spend" it all.

The Texas congressman can thank Trevor Lyman for a chunk of that cash.

Lyman, a Miami Beach online music promoter, is guiding an Internet fundraising drive that he says could well push Paul past his $12 million fourth-quarter fundraising goal by the weekend — a full month ahead of schedule.

Paul had raised more than $9.7 million as of Thursday afternoon, according to his website. Campaign spokesman Jesse Benton said Paul hasn't had any contact with Lyman and is not coordinating with him. The money "has been spontaneously raised," Benton said. "The grass roots are our big ace in the hole."

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We are going to begin accepting purchases of advertising time on for the Ron Paul Blimp starting at Midnight EST!

Individuals who had pledged $5,000 and end up purchasing $5,000 or more will not receive a 3 or 5 day blimp ride but they will have the option of receiving (2) 1 hour tickets to ride the blimp or giving their tickets to a member of the mainstream media.

There will be a drawing for 20 half hour blimp rides. There will be no charge to enter. Everyone who makes a purchase will automatically be entered unless they choose not to be.

We will have a live counter to see how much money has been collected.

Thanks for everyone's patience.

More details will be coming. Pass the word!

Buy a timeshare of the Ron Paul Blimp Tour
Fly the Ron Paul Blimp -- to the inauguration!

Chris Matthews (Hardball) On Ron Paul: Ron Paul "has got twice the number of yard signs as all the other candidates combined"

"By the way, I did a count in Hampshire on the road. That guy has got twice the number of yard signs as all the other candidates combined." - Craig Crawford, MSNBC Political Analyst

Ann Coulter For Ron Paul?

Itsnobody over on wrote:

More and more Neo-cons and Bush-lovers seem to be coming out to support Ron Paul for some reason....what's happening now? How is this happening?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

AFTF Plaque Designed By Paul David Blakeley

Editor's Note:
I am speechless.... The plaque is beautiful! The call and testimonials brought me to tears. All you guys and gals are amazing! Thank you so much for receiving, sharing and celebrating the energy of freedom, liberty and love!

An Open Invite to Ron Paul By Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck extends another invitation to Ron Paul to appear for an hour on his television and radio programs.

Ron Paul Takes Aim at Big Business

Mexico's Vicente Fox Confirms Plans For North American Union

RVTurnage shared this in post #37 of the comments section as follows:

Sorry, but the move towards an American Union and a single currency just as Ron Paul described — which would therefore subjigate our national soverignty to this new union (like the EU) — was confirmed on CNN’s Larry King Live by Vicente Fox himself. and I quote:

KING: E-mail from Mrs. Gonzalez in Elizabeth, New Jersey. “Mr. Fox, I would like to know how you feel about the possibility of having a Latin America united with one currency?”

FOX: Long term, very long term. What we propose together, President Bush and myself, it’s ALCA, which is a trade union for all of the Americas. And everything was running fluently until Hugo Chavez came. He decided to isolate himself. He decided to combat the idea and destroy the idea…

KING: It’s going to be like the euro dollar, you mean?

FOX: Well, that would be long, long term. I think the processes to go, first step into is trading agreement. And then further on, a new vision, like we are trying to do with NAFTA.

Here's the video clip:

Ron Paul CNN YouTube Republican Debate Coverage

Part 1

Part 2

CNN Ducks Ron Paul at Republican YouTube Debate

November 29, 2007

The long-awaited first Republican presidential debate Sponsored by CNN/YouTube bringing video questions submitted by ordinary Americans on the website brought the candidates into their sharpest debate yet.


Although this was a camera filled exchange for Paul, it clearly seemed that questions were steered away from Paul during the entire debate and that both video questions which were directed to Paul from YouTube users both contained spoon-fed derogatory questions about conspiracy theories and whether he would run as a independent, because he clearly wasn’t going to win the primary.

According to the New York Times, two planes were circling overhead, one flying a Ron Paul banner, another with lights spelling out his name. A ship to support Ron Paul circled in the bay just outside the hall and just beyond the security fences erected around The Mahaffey Theater, Mr. Paul’s loyal supporters waited and cheered with shirts and stickers and other assorted Paul gear.

CNN treating Ron Paul as a minor candidate, moving the camera from him as much as possible, and limiting his role at the debate easily comes into question.

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Study: YouTube Videos From New Hampshire Primary Race Favor Ron Paul, Cast Doubt on Front-Runner Clinton

Thu Nov 29, 2007 1:26pm EST

BERLIN, NH, Nov 29 (MARKET WIRE) -- Voters have even more opportunities to see the presidential candidates campaign in New Hampshire as the primaries approach thanks to online video sharing, says one New Hampshire media research firm, which has seen YouTube videos about the contenders' activity in New Hampshire increase to more than three hundred per month.

KDPaine and Partners, a media measurement firm, has been tracking the candidates since January in YouTube videos that mention New Hampshire, its home state and host of the first in the nation primary. Republican hopeful Ron Paul is ahead online, attracting more than three million views of his videos within seven days of posting them to the posted. Paul's videos account for half of the top 10 most-viewed videos in the study. Read more.

Ron Paul vs. the Seven Dwarfs: American Foreign Policy That Makes Sense

While he still only gets a small amount of time in the debates, his message is beginning to reach Republicans who aren't blinded by Bushian, neo-con machismo. Are they listening?

by Walt Thiessen

Unlike every other Republican candidate on the stage in last night's CNN/YouTube debate, only Ron Paul demonstrated that he truly "gets it" when it comes to foreign policy. Witness his comment in reply to an attack on his position on Iraq. He said, "The best thing we can do for the Iraqi people is to give them their country back. That's the most important thing that we can do." He went on to make a great point about Vietnam. He said, "Just think of the cleaning up of the mess after we left Vietnam. Vietnam is now a friend of ours. We trade with them. Their president comes here. What we achieved in peace was unachievable in 20 years of the Americans and the French being in Vietnam. So it's time for us to take care of America first."

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Ron Paul After Youtube Debate Rally Nov 28th

CNN Marginalizes Ron Paul - Calls him conspiracy theorist In Defense of Freedom (Ron Paul)

In Defense of Ron Paul*

By Joshua Holland, AlterNet. Posted November 29, 2007.

*Ron Paul's a wingnut, yes, but he's an anti-empire, anti-war wingnut who doesn't believe the president should be king.

Ron Paul has arrived, thanks in large part to the unrivaled intensity of his supporters. In the weeks since his dedicated -- some say obsessive -- online army organized a "money bomb" that delivered over $4 million in a single day to Paul's war chest, his quixotic campaign has gotten a boatload of media attention. It is officially the quirky, nontraditional candidate story of the 2008 race. If the campaign pulls off the $10 million "tea party" planned for Dec. 16, the spotlight on Paul will get hotter still.

With that attention comes a new level of scrutiny, as one would expect. But most of the media's analyses don't put the Paul "sensation" into a larger context. Often missing is the degree to which Paul's popularity is related to Washington's structural inability to handle the issues most important to American voters -- a flaw that extends to the corporate media as well. Lacking that context, the criticism flung at the Paul campaign is superficial and distracting.

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The Republican Party National Forum Candiates

Rudy is leading in most if not all of the "national polls." 18 individuals have signed up since this forum was created on October 4, 2007. Click here to find out what these folks are doing and what all the excitement is all about!!

Click here for The John McCain National Forum - 14 members have already signed up since 10/4!!

Click here for the Mitt Romney National Forum - 8 members have signed up since 10/4!!

With the single exception of Ron Paul, you will find the other "Republican Party National Forum Candidate" pages in the right margin of the above links.

Ron Paul Again Easily Wins Debate Polls!

Over at CNN, the results are as of 9A/EST, Nov 29.Who do you think won the debate?1. Ron Paul 50% 6732 votes2. Mike Huckabee 22% 2959 votes3. John McCain 11% 1473 votes4. Mitt Romney 9% 1242 votes5. Rudy Giuliani 5% 703 votes6. Fred Thompson 2% 277 votes7. Duncan Hunter 1% 91 votes8. Tom Tancredo 0% 49 votes

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CNN Rejects 3,000 YouTube Questions Submitted By The Public To Give Airtime

Out of almost 3,000 video submissions, CNN chose 15 to pose to the candidates tonight. Instead of alloting all 15 slots to ordinary citizens - who don’t ordinarily have access to politicians - CNN gave airtime to a question from Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist.

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New York Times Covers The BIG Ron Paul Support Last Night

By land, by air and by sea, the disciples of Ron Paul converged on the debate hall here in St. Petersburg, Fla., in the hours before the debate here tonight. There were two planes circling overhead, one flying a Ron Paul banner, another with lights spelling out his name Goodyear Blimb-style. A ship circling in the bay just outside the hall was festooned with Ron Paul paraphernalia, blaring martial music. In the park, just beyond the security fences erected around The Mahaffey Theater, the Paulites outfitted a group that was decidedly young and decidedly loyal with shirts and stickers and other assorted Paul gear.

The outsized presence of Mr. Paul’s supporters is not unusual. It seems that no matter which Republican candidate I am covering, the Paul people seem to find a way to their events. Sometimes it is a lone man with a sign, other times more organized. But come they do.

With his millions raised in online fund-raising and devoted base, we expect greater attention to be paid to what he has to say here tonight.

Click here to read the original article.

Editor's Note:
The MSM did all they could to ignore & isolate Ron Paul last night.

"It's what we DIDN'T see at the debate that mattered most"

IHaveADream wrote in reference to CNN's debate last night:

It's what we DIDN'T see at the debate that mattered most:

- We DIDN"T see Ron Paul getting equal time.

- We DIDN'T see Ron Paul get a fair opportunity to clarify his answers.

- We DIDN'T see any attempt by CNN to allow the war issue to be thoroughly "debated" at this "debate".

- We DIDN'T see the strong presence of support for Ron Paul outside the auditorium and surrounding areas. Witnesses say it was spectacular and that no other candidate had such a presence of support there. I'm fairly certain that this has not been reported by any major network.

These things matter most because it reveals the dire reality that we are a serious threat in this election. If you feel like you witnessed a blow to our movement last night, you couldn't be more wrong. What occured last night was a confirmation that the Republican party and their most influential surrogates are on massive defense against Ron Paul.

We are feared. And we are coming.

Fanuiel Hall Is Rented From 3-5 pm For The Boston TeaParty 2007 Event On 12/16

AntiFederalist over at wrote:

The afternoon of the 16th at Fanuiel Hall in Boston is confirmed.

(And, to blow my own horn a little bit, I picked up the hall rental fee, so the rest of you mugs better work to make this a blow out event. )

The rally will run roughly from 3 - 5 PM on the afternoon of the 16th.

This is the Boston MeetUp's idea, I can't help much more since I have to head out of town for work.

Contact numbers are on the site, anybody that can help can contact Bob Dwyer at 508-930-5530

I know we could use some tech guys to help set up a live feed, live video and blogging, guests etc.

Ron Paul @ CNN Repub. Debate 11-28-07-joined Poll On The CNN Debates

Current results:

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AOL Poll On The CNN Debate

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CNN Rate The Candidates Poll

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007 Ad

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Hat Tip to Krott5333 over at

Please visit for more information.

Great Article In

Articles about Ron Paul and his presidential campaign almost always take one of two stances: Either he's wacky or his supporters are wacky.

The most recent piece comes from Stuart Rothenberg, who writes the Rothenberg Political Report. Rothenberg argues that Paul's wackiness proves both Paul and the Internet's effects on politics need to be ignored. Rothenberg is wrong on both counts. Read more.

Please Watch The Best Ron Paul Video on YouTube

CNN American Morning 11-28-2007 - Ron Paul


Click here for more.

National Public Radio (NPR) Coverage

What's the Deal with Ron Paul?

David Lienemann

The Bryant Park Project, November 28, 2007 · Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's got a rabid following, plenty of buzz, surprising endorsements and fundraising records, but his poll numbers keep him in the second tier.

Tucker Carlson, who has been following Paul for an article in the New Republic, describes Paul as being so deeply libertarian that he's uncomfortable telling his campaign staff what to do — even choices as small as whether to turn down the heat in the campaign van.

[Click here to listen to NPR's interview with Tucker Carlson]

Paul's platform includes support for getting troops out of Iraq and opposing both abortion and the income tax. But Carlson says it's the issue of the gold standard, and specifically distrust of the Federal Reserve, that fires his base. Read more.

STOP SENATE BILL 1959: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007

The 1st Amendment is under attack! This bill will institutionalize "thought crime" commissions nationwide. PLEASE CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES AND STOP THIS INSANITY NOW!!


`(a) In General- In carrying out this subtitle, the Secretary shall ensure that the efforts of the Department to prevent ideologically based violence and homegrown terrorism as described in this subtitle do not violate the constitutional rights, civil rights, and civil liberties of United States citizens and lawful permanent residents.

`(b) Commitment to Racial Neutrality- The Secretary shall ensure that the activities and operations of the entities created by this subtitle are in compliance with the commitment of the Department to racial neutrality.

`(c) Auditing Mechanism- The Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Officer of the Department shall develop and implement an auditing mechanism to ensure that compliance with this subtitle does not result in a disproportionate impact, without a rational basis, on any particular race, ethnicity, or religion and include the results of its audit in its annual report to Congress required under section 705.'.

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The Truth has its own reward. Let this spread!

This Pastor Has Guts

It seems prayer still upsets some people. Please read....

When Minister Joe Wright was asked to open the new session of the Kansas Senate, everyone was expecting the usual generalities, but this is what they heard:

"Heavenly Father,
We come before you today
To ask your forgiveness and
To seek your direction and guidance.

We know Your Word says,
"Woe to those who call evil good"
But that is exactly what we have done.

We have lost our spiritual equilibrium
And reversed our values.

We have exploited the poor and
Called it the lottery.

We have rewarded laziness
And called it welfare.

We have killed our unborn
and called it choice.

We have shot abortionists
And called it justifiable.

We have neglected to discipline
Our children and called it
Building self esteem.

We have abused power
And called it politics.

We have coveted our neighbor's
Possessions and called it ambition.

We have polluted the air
With profanity and
Pornography and called it
Freedom of speech and expression.

We have ridiculed the time Honored values of our Forefathers and called it enlightenment.

Search us, Oh, God, And know our hearts
today; Cleanse us from every sin And set us free.


The response was immediate. A number of legislators walked Out during the prayer in protest.

In 6 short weeks, Central Christian Church, where Rev. Wright is pastor, logged more than 5,000 phone calls with only 47 Of those calls responding negatively. The church is now receiving international requests for copies of this prayer from India, Africa and Korea ..

Commentator Paul Harvey aired this prayer on his radio Program, "The Rest of the Story," and received a larger response to this program than any other he has ever aired.

With the Lord's help, may this prayer sweep over our Nation and wholeheartedly become our desire so that we again can be called "one nation under God."

If possible, please pass this prayer on to your friends "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything."

Think about this: If you forward this prayer to everyone On your email list, in less than 30 days it would be heard by The world.

How many people in your address book will not receive This you have the guts to pass it on?

I just did!

Remember...attitude is everything!!!

Hat Tip to Alex Wallenwein for sharing this!

Editor's Note: According to the Urban Legends section on

"While not word-for-word accurate, this is a fair transcription of an actual prayer delivered before the Kansas House of Representatives by Central Christian Church Pastor Joe Wright on January 23, 1996. It has circulated continuously on the Internet ever since.

At least one legislator did walk during the prayer, according to the Kansas City Star. Others made speeches criticizing what the House Minority Leader, a Democrat, called "the extreme, radical views" reflected in the prayer. It was aired nationally on the radio in February 1996 by Paul Harvey."

NJ Re-VAN-lution

VIDEO of the NJ guys creating the Ron Paul NJ Revolution Van.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Glenn Beck With Pat Buchanan -- Ron Paul "closest to founding fathers"

Glenn Beck admits to Pat Buchanan that Ron Paul is the "closest to the founding fathers."

Hat Tip to Hamadeh over at RonPaulForums.

Ron Paul on Morning Joe MSNBC 11/27/07

Looking for the Ron Paul Supporters? They're the Young and the Hip

"For years, the GOP leaders have talked about trying to reach young people. Apparently, young people have been reached by Paul's message. But the party is eager to quash this movement."

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Ron Paul Is "Official" In New York and California

Ron Paul's Official As He Speaks to Sold-Out Crowd

Tuesday November 27, 2007 12:03pm Posted By: Katie Newingham

Charleston, SC - As Ron Paul, Republican presidential candidate and Texas congressman, speaks to a sold out crowd at the College of Charleston, two states make him an official candidate. Read more and watch the eVideo here.

Kucinich Campaigning in NH: "I'm thinking about Ron Paul"

November 26, 2007

Left-right ticket

It's unlikely very many voters spend an inordinate amount of time pondering the identity of Dennis Kucinich's running-mate.

But just in case, the Ohio congressman himself broke the suspense at a house party in Acworth, N.H., on Sunday.

"I'm thinking about Ron Paul," Kucinich said of the conservative Republican congressman from Texas.

The odd-couple ticket of a liberal Democrat and a conservative-libertarian Republican would "balance the energies in this country," Kucinich said.

Read more.

The Ground Is Shifting...

The L.A. Times employee formerly known as Matt Welch goes directly to the competition to scream "Go Ron Paul!" before hanging up. In a Washington Post Op-Ed, Welch and Reason editor Nick Gillespie explain Dr. No's cross-cultural appeal. No report on the Ron Paul phenomenon would be complete without swipes at the mainstream media's long silence on his campaign (to which there were some honorable early exceptions) and the really loathsome terms with which the new right has attacked this avatar of the old right:

Yet Paul's success has mostly left the mainstream media and pundits flustered, if not openly hostile. The Associated Press recently treated the Paul phenomenon like an alien life form: "The Texas libertarian's rise in the polls and in fundraising proves that a small but passionate number of Americans can be drawn to an advocate of unorthodox proposals." Republican pollster Frank Luntz has denounced Paul's supporters as "the equivalent of crabgrass . . . not the grass you want, and it spreads faster than the real stuff." And conservative syndicated columnist Mona Charen said out loud what many campaign reporters have no doubt been thinking all along: "He might make a dandy new leader for the Branch Davidians."

When conservatives feel comfortable mocking the victims gunned down by Clinton-era attorney general Janet Reno's FBI in Waco, Tex., in 1993, it suggests that a complacent and increasingly authoritarian establishment feels threatened.

Read more.

"How to make sense of the Ron Paul revolution? ... Paul set a one-day GOP record by raising $4.3 million on the Internet from 38,000 donors on Nov. 5 - Guy Fawkes Day, the commemoration of a British anarchist who plotted to blow up Parliament and kill King James I in 1605. ... When a fierce Republican foe of the wars on drugs and terrorism is able, without really trying, to pull in a record haul of campaign cash on a day dedicated to an attempted regicide, it's clear that a new and potentially transformative force is growing in American politics."

Read more here.

The American Tea Party 2007 [Offical Site]

Toban over on digg.come wrote:

The PERFECT quote for the Tea Party:

"Short of intentional war, inflation is the most immoral act political leaders can commit."

-Ron Paul (Gold, Peace and Prosperity; p.48-49)

On December 16, 2007 in commemoration of the Boston Tea Party that sparked the revolutionary war, we the sovereign people of America will cast our Money into the Ron Paul Campaign, as our fore fathers cast tea into the Boston harbor. On this day please donate $100 to the Ron Paul Campaign, and lets beat the record of Nov 5th!

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Ron Paul - Free the Weed! video 11/26/07

Ron Paul answers questions relating to the use of medical marijuana and the "War on Drugs."

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Ron Paul Riders Coverage...

Bicyclist peddles Ron Paul

By Erin McKeon - The Facts

Published November 26, 2007

LAKE JACKSON — Come rain or shine, intense heat or freezing temperatures, 45-year-old Michael Maresco pedals his way through the countryside spreading the word about Congressman Ron Paul and promoting paul’s campaign for president in the 2008 election.

Sunday, Paul joined in on the bike ride and rode with Maresco for about 10 miles before returning to his Lake Jackson home.

“That’s why I can’t fade out of this campaign very easily, with people like this,” Paul said.

Maresco, who lives in Hawaii, began his journey on Oct. 21 at the Santa Monica Pier at the end of Route 66 in California. His destination is Washington, D.C., and he has taken a southern route through the United States so far. Read more.

Click here to visit and support

Benjamin Fulford Interviews David Rockefeller In Japan About Ron Paul 11/14/07


"At the mere mention of Ron Paul, Rockefeller grinds his teeth, and acts as if he doesn't know anything about him, but when Fulford says that Ron Paul wants the powers of the Federal Reserve returned to the United States government, Rockefeller's eyes widen in amazement and dread, "I would not look upon that as one of the great issues that needs to be addressed." Yet here we are, our dollar collapsing. He knows who Ron Paul is. Fulford moves on."

Hat Tip to Apauled over at

read more | digg story 11/30 Mass Donation Day For Ron Paul

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For CNN Youtube Republican debate - What secret societies do you belong to?

In 2004, both major party candidates for President were members of the secret society "Skull and Bones", but no one knew until after Kerry won the nomination. Blogger without his own video camera asks someone to submit a video for CNN/Youtube debate asking the Repub candidates which secret societies they belong to. Submit deadline is November 25.

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The Boston - 62 Videos And Counting!

Click here for more.

Ron Paul: Time for a reVolution

Monday, November 26, 2007

Ron Paul Has Won: A neocon lament

It's amusing to watch these guys stand between the rails lecturing the onrushing Ron Paul Express. As Ron Paul would say, they've been wrong about everything; why should we listen to them now?

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"We're taxed to bomb bridges in Iraq, we're taxed to build bridges in Iraq"

Some nice quotes in this succinct description of what's wrong with U.S. governmental policies. A quick read, probably worth it no matter what side of the political fence you've decided to sit on. Please rate the article at the bottom of its page (only 51 votes so far at 11:58am CDT)

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Texas' top firms stay loyal to GOP, but not Ron Paul

Only one House member received no contributions from the state's largest corporate PACs: maverick Republican Rep. Ron Paul."They're very aware that they cannot influence his votes one way or the other, so they generally do not bother to give him money," said Mark Elam, campaign manager for Paul.

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Hat Tip to davisfleetwood for flagging this as one of his "favorites."

Ron Paul's Support At "Digg The Candidates" Take OFF!!

On November 22, 2007 - just FOUR (4) days ago - we posted the news of this new feature from at this link.

Here's where the numbers were for all the candiates on 11/22 - click image to enlarge.

Here are the current results as of 8:51 pm eastern on 11/26 as follows:

Click image to enlarge.

As you can see Ron Paul's support has gained a whopping 2381 friends: from 8637 to 11018 friends, a 28% increase. Meanwhile, Rudy has gained 92 friends: from 276 to 368, a 25% increase. Mike Huckabee gained 134 friends: from 448 to 582, a 30% increase.

As you can obviously "see" from the results of this service, the candidates that are supported most by the mainstream media - eg. Rudy, Thompson, McCain, Hillary, etc. have the fewest "friends".

Wired Magazine did a piece on this service with the headline "News Recommendation Site Launches "Digg The Candidates:" Ron Paul & Obama End Up on Top"

Be sure to visit "Digg The Candidates" and add "Ron Paul" as one of your "friends".

Trevor Lyman - Ron Paul Blimp Winner

Trevor Lyman, the man behind the successful Mass Donation Days to the campaign of presidential candidate Ron Paul, is also apparently behind the Ron Paul blimp. Is Lyman as big a winner as Paul?

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AP manipulates Ron Paul endorsement by Brothel owner

Tucker Carlson setup Ron Paul with an unannounced visit by himself 2 hookers and the owner of a Nevada brothel - the AP spins it like Ron Paul was seeking the endorsement - who'd of thought media manipulating the voters in the 21st century.

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Laptop Brigade: Best Ron Paul Introduction Ever

Produced by ronpaulreporter

Laptop Brigade: Ron Paul on Monetary Reform

Produced by ronpaulreporter

A Big Reason Why Ron Paul Supporters Hate Giuliani

Produced by ronpaulreporter

Grassroots Campaigners to Tour the US in a Blimp

A group of passionate Ron Paul supporters are raising in excess of $350,000 to hire a massive blimp for a month. They will fly it around the US conducting landing parties in many cities and attracting media attention.

Ron Paul Blimp

Produced by llamabread

Ron Paul Blimp - Floating on Air

Produced by

This video celebrates the next phase in the grassroots activities of Ron Paul supporters. By floating around the US, having landing parties along the way we hope to generate a lot of media exposure, create some fun for the grassroots campaigners and spread the powerful message of freedom that Ron Paul represents.

We also hope it will promote fundraising for the Dec 16th (Boston Tea Party) money bomb which we expect will break several campaign fundraising world records.

To learn about Ron Paul, visit the official website or come to to talk to the grassroots activists.

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PS. Be sure to visit and sign up to support this BIG idea!

Ron Paul Supporters Plan $10M Tea Party

Love or hate him (I personally respect him, but strongly disagree with his views on most issues), Ron Paul has inspired the most remarkable bottoms-up netroots campaign this cycle (Obama is the best on the Democratic side, mostly because of his popularity among net-savvy younger voters).

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NEW VIDEO (INCREDIBLE!) "Ron Paul : House of Cards"

"For those who thought a Democratic congress would end the war in Iraq, think again: their new budget proposes supplemental funds totaling about $150 billion in 2008 and $50 billion in 2009 for Iraq. This is in addition to the ordinary Department of Defense budget of more than $500 billion, which the Democrats propose increasing each year just like the Republicans."

- Congressman Ron Paul M.D.

Ron Paul : House of Cards

Produced by aravoth

Editor's Note: Aravoth's videos supporting Ron Paul are perhaps THE most viewed on the entire net. His video, Ron Paul: Stop Dreaming (Added 5/13), has been viewed 863,536 times.

Ron Paul Has Won

Posted by: Patrick Ruffini at 9:39 AM

He won’t win the nomination. He won’t win any primaries. But for Ron Paul’s quixotic bid for the White House, it’s “Mission Accomplished.”

Take a look at this from Sunday’s Washington Post. Not just the article but the killer packaging:

In the past few months, Ron Paul has dramatically raised the profile of libertarianism inside the Republican Party. My small-l libertarian friends seem more comfortable describing themselves as such, even though they’ll go out of their way to disassociate themselves from Ron Paul and the big-L kind. Read more.


John Weaver-Biblical Money and Inflation 1of 5

Skyspot Advertising Campaign for Ron Paul In Orlando, FL

sollycardy98 wrote [and then shared the chip-in link....see below]:
Get this plane to fly over youtube debate!!

Comments from other folks who recently "chipped in" to help raise money to make this happen:

* today 7:49am * Larry Spencer
Go Baby Go!

* today 7:39am * robert tamburo
What a great idea, thanks for organizing it!

* today 12:10am * Ichiro AokiThank you very much for organizing this. Let's make sure Ron Paul wins nomination. We are almost there!!!

* November 25 10:47pm * Kyle Sanders
Chip in $5 or $10 and let's get this sign up in the air!