Friday, June 29, 2007

Ron Paul On Coast To Coast 6/24/07

Ron Paul on Immigration and Iowa

I so wish I could be in Iowa. I hope everyone going has a great time and show them what the American people can do.Dustan

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Ron Paul: How a Fringe Politician Took Over the Web

Brendan Spiegel Email 06.27.07 | 2:00 AM

When Texas Congressman Ron Paul entered the race for next year's Republican presidential nomination, few political analysts paid much notice.

Paul has no backing from political bigwigs or any campaign war chest to speak of. As the Libertarian Party presidential nominee in 1988 he won less than one-half of 1 percent of the national vote.

Yet despite his status among the longest of the long shots, the 71-year-old has become one of the internet's most omnipresent –- and some say most irritating -– subjects. Click here for more.

Ron Paul Should Win New Hampshire - Latest Poll Suggests

Washington D.C. 6/29/2007 2:43 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Late last year when the presidential campaigns started, George Bush had a 36% approval rating in the state of New Hampshire according to American Research Group. But the latest American Research Group poll shows the approval rating for the President dipping down to 14%. suggests the reason for George Bush's low ratings to be because of the presidential campaign. "Approval ratings for George Bush have been dipping in New Hampshire because voters are being exposed to candidates from both political parties that have criticized the president."

All of the Democrats have come out staunchly against the president as they always have. On the Republican side, Ron Paul is the most vocal of all the candidates. Click here for more.

Freedom is Popular

"Why do we get so many young people coming into our campaign?"

"It might just be that freedom is popular."

"We can revive the true spirit of America." "Why do we get so many young people coming into our campaign?"

"It might just be that freedom is popular."

"We can revive the true spirit of America."

G4 The Loop: One-On-One With Ron Paul

Click here to watch this video.

Ron Paul and his supporters meet Iowans

Dr. Paul will share his message of freedom, peace and prosperity at the Hy-Vee Hall, Room C, Iowa Events Center, 730 Third Street, Des Moines, Iowa. The rally will start immediately following the conclusion of the Presidential forum of the Iowans for Tax Relief.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto Show 6-26-07

Hattip to Tuva or Bust for bringing this to our attention. Also be sure to watch the 6/22 interview with Ron Paul in which he compares the stand Ed and Elaine Brown have been making with stands that other heroic figures like Ghandi and Dr. King - and others - have made throughout history.

Editor's comment: This is a confirmation of the reverberation of the waves of truth and energy that extended from the 6/22 interview with Ron Paul which we claimed was "a watershed event in American political thought. Now the door is wide open for We The People to confront every candidate of any elected position with the same questions about the IRS and the courageous stand the Browns are making to uphold and defend the Constitution of the united States of America." As can be seen from this foreign blog that beat us to the punch "the world is indeed watching!"

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Steps To A Free America: A Day of Prayer and Fasting On July 1st

A simple, yet powerful one-day step you can take to promote peace, the Constitution, and Ron Paul…without spending a dime.

June 27th, 2007

A simple, yet powerful one-day step you can take to promote peace, the Constitution, and Ron Paul…without spending a dime. Click here for more.

Editor's Note: This idea was inspired by Bob Schulz's recommendation to have a day of prayer and fasting on July 1st. We hope to have the creator of this "Free America" blog on our show with Ed and Elaine tomorrow on RBN.

Paul Potts: The Cinderfella Story - Metaphor for America?

Paul Potts is the opera singer who just won the TV show "Britain's Got Talent" hosted/created by Simon Cowell. Here are some facts about his inspiring life story:

Was a manager at a cell phone store in Wales before winning the show. Paul Potts is an admittedly nervous man, lacks self-confidence, and was unsure if he would even show up for the show's auditions.

Click here and here and here for the rest of this incredible inspirting story.

Ron Paul Praises Ed and Elaine Brown

Web Editor: Rhonda Erskine, Online Content Producer
Created: 6/26/2007 2:09:37 PM

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) -- New Hampshire's convicted tax evaders Ed and Elaine Brown have gained a new supporter: presidential hopeful Ron Paul.

In an interview with, the Texas congressman compares the Browns to Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Junior. He says the Browns are suffering like those leaders. Read more.

Ron Paul Meet-Up Groups/Activity Exploding!!

Ron Paul Meetup Membership: 46% Growth in 14 Days!
From: Ron Paul NoHo Meetup
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 20:59:18 -0700

Hi there Ron Paul supporters! We are revving at 15,000 RPM’s! That’s well over 15 thousand Ron Paul Meetup members. We gained over 46% in membership in a 14 day period since 6/11/07.

Please publicize these facts far and wide. At these rates of growth we will number well over 100 thousand within 2 months.

Remember, if you are a Ron Paul Meetup Organizer, you can organize up to 3 meetups at no additional cost with your account. You can establish meetups in adjacent communities and then pass the Organizer baton over to someone else once the meetup builds up. Once a meetup gets started, it tends to act as a lightening rod or magnet; people are drawn to it and start to sign up as soon as it is started.

We’ve lost track of the number of meetups seeded by the “Adopt a City” Project, but it’s around 30. If you want to have a real impact from the safety and comfort of your computer, join us in this project. We’ll show you how to seed meetups and spread the Ron Paul Revolution beyond the borders of your own city or even to another state. Anyone can help.

15,402 Members
3196 Interested
370 Groups
342 Cities
5 Countries Click here to visit "Meet"

Iowa Ron Paul-a-Palooza Truth Express: Exclude this!


"This is a gift to Dr. Paul," said one source. "It's a ready made hook for the news media, and one that is bound to gather him more attention than if he had just presented his views with everyone else. People around here are calling it Paulstock or Paul-a-palooza."

This source, sharing the view of others in the campaign, was quick to point out that what made Ron Paul's reaction possible in Iowa--and made the rally possible as well--was the reception he was getting around the country. "If you are not telling the truth, people are not going to respond. But Ron Paul is telling the truth, and the truth is a powerful message and one that is hard to stop." Click here for more.

Randy Weaver Visited/Stalked by Arkansas Sherriff/Feds SWAT Team This AM

Alex Jones has been interviewing Randy Weaver on his GCN radio show this morning about a breaking story that has local officials who were trying to intimidate him into not going back to NH to support Ed and Elaine Brown.

Please call Boone County Sheriff and please ask why Randy Weaver was stalked/confonted/visited by unidentified individuals for unidentified reasons.

Boone County Sheriff: Danny Hickman
(870) 741-8404
(870) 741-6038

Click here for more names and numbers to contact in Boone County Arkansas. Click here to listen to Alex Jones "live" on GCN.

Eventful event for the Ron Paul supporters rally in Iowa

This event is outside of the Iowans for Tax Relief/Iowa Christian Alliance forum at Hy-Vee hall in Des Moines. Please click off an RSVP if you can attend. Let's have a bigger gathering of Ron Paul supporters outside than they have inside!

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"Bong Hits 4 Jesus" Banner Illegal - U.S. Supreme Court

The Supreme Court tightened limits on student speech Monday, ruling against a high school student and his 14-foot-long "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" banner. Our freedoms are being slowly taken away from us - Thank you George Bush!

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Papa's Got A Brand New Bag!

Really funny Ron Paul video:

Hattip to Anthony at

Papa's Got A Brand New Bag!

Really funny Ron Paul video:

Hattip to Anthony at

In case you missed Ron Paul On The Colbert Report 6/13/07

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Ron Paul To Be In Iowa Saturday

June 25th, 2007 :: 11:57 AM

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas plans to be in Des Moines Saturday, despite his exclusion from a presidential candidates forum by the event’s organizers. Paul, a Republican, is planning to headline a rally at the conclusion of the forum sponsored by Iowans for Tax Relief and the Iowa Christian Alliance. Paul’s event is scheduled for 4:30 at Hy Vee Hall, the same venue as the forum. Read more.

Seattle Times: GOP Would be Wise to Listen to Ron Paul’s Message

This editorial is a little old by internet standards: May 30, 2007. However, it is from my hometown newspaper - The Seattle Times. While I live in Boston now, I was born and grew up in Seattle. Seattle is a liberal city in a liberal region, and the Seattle Times is the more liberal of the two papers in town. All of this makes this article all the more significant. It would be a good piece to email to your more liberal friends as you make your case for Dr. Paul - especially those up in the Pacific Northwest.

BTW, I completely disagree that there is no way he can win the nomination. If I thought that, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing

- Michael

The GOP would be wise to listen to Ron Paul's message

by Bruce Ramsey / Seattle Times editorial columnist
Editorials & Opinion: Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Two-thirds of Americans can now see that starting a war in Iraq was a mistake. The majority of Republicans still do not see it. Eventually they will, but it's hard to go against their own president unless one of their own makes them do it. Read more.

The moment of truth is here

June 24, 2007

Read It Twice: En Banc Request Filed in DC

Day of Prayer and Fasting: July 1st

"We the people humbly ask this court to admit that we are the masters and you are the servants."

Swept impolitely from one such invitation to the next, following an overgrown but well-defined path of justice, the people have reached the end of a long journey and stand toe to toe and nose to nose with a creature of our own making, our servant government.

This request cannot be mistaken for supplication, for, in the United States of America, only one peaceful response remains to a people who claim their freedom without reserve.

Bob Schulz tells the full story here.... Hattip to Mark Yannone.

Lee Rogers Interviews Congressman Ron Paul

Lee Rogers interviews Congressman Ron Paul about a myriad of issues including the Federal Reserve, 9/11, the war on terror, the move to tax the Internet, impeachment for Cheney/Bush, illegal immigration, the IRS, Ed and Elaine Brown, the New World Order, the North American Union, health care, big government, America's descent into fascism and more.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Brown Supporter Arrested For Sending E-Mail: Wise up or Die!

By Troy Davis
We The People Radio Network

Those were the words at the end of an email that Joseph Haas of Concord, N.H. wrote at the end of an email to Terry Dudley a W. Lebanon city council member that got him arrested for threatening and menacing a 2nd degree misdemeanor. Joe was arrested tonight at 7:15pm est. at the combination police dept. and city offices of Plainfield, NH.

Joe knew that there was the possibility of being arrested but went to the town selectman meeting anyway to confront them at their meeting about the letter they sent to US Marshal Steve Monier. Click here for more.

Arrest Footage And Selectman Put On Notice

Old Ron Paul video: The Ron Paul story

Here is an old Ron Paul video used for The Ron Paul story. Despite the age of this commercial he has exactly the same values then as he does today. The only thing that has changed is that is hair has become whiter.

This video shows the history of Ron Paul’s life as well as his political views. It goes back to when he very first decided to become a congressman and the very roots of his activity within our government. It interviews people that knew Paul back when. This is a must watch video for any Ron Paul fan.

Republicans Wake Up!

Iowa Forum Blowback

Ron Paul Excluded in Iowa

Audio Moblog From Dave Ridley From PorcFest Founder - "Free State Project" and Ed & Elaine Brown - supporter Dave Ridley reports from Porcupine Festival. Listen below and click here for more.

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Preemptive Nuclear War vs. Christianity

Nine of the ten GOP candidates promote preemptive war. Is this moral from a Christian perspective?

In Case You Missed It: RTR Media Coverage Of The NH Debates

Click here and scroll downward to view all five (5) clips.

Waging Peace With Scott Ritter....

The lawbreakers of the Bush administration are on the warpath again. This time against Iran.

Can they be stopped?

The blueprint for stopping this and all other illegal US wars can be found in Scott Ritter's new book "Waging Peace." Click here for more. Hatip to Jeremy Hier.

Who stands up for REAL American Values?

Spoken before the US invaded Iraq
"We can call ouselves Americans. We can fly the American flag, but unless we stand up and defend the values that define us as Americans, we will cease being Americans."

Scott Ritter gave this talk before the US invaded Iraq. As a former US Marine Corps officer, UN weapons inspector and expert on the armaments of Iraq, he very publicly disputed the Bush adminstration's claim that Iraq was a threat to the US.

Now the US is on the same path with regards to war against Iran.

Learn what you can do to help stop another illegal, immoral,and reckless use of US power in the world. Get and Scott's book "Waging Peace."

For more information, visit:
Click here for more. Hattip to Jeremy Hier.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Audio Moblog Recap With Dave VonKliest

Dave provided a short update on today's concert and festivities. Some 50-60 individuals from as far away as Texas and Arkansas gathered for this seminal event in celebration of Ed and Elaine's stand for freedom, liberty and justice in America. As I was talking to Dave some 20+ individuals were inside the Brown's home watching a screening of Dave's new movie, "9/11 Ripple Effect" which is due to be release next week. Click here for more about this new DVD/movie.

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In Iowa: Ron Paul to Celebrate Life and Liberty

June 30, 2007: Free food for the first 500 to arrive. Diggs for this submission, and the comments, appear as they accumulate on the official website blog.

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Audio Moblog With Dave VonKleist ( Talking About Concert Scheduled For Today 3-5 pm At The Browns

The concert will be held on the Brown's property this afternoon. It's a great idea which should/can be duplicated every weekend with other acts and presenters throughout this "Summer of Freedom!" Click here to listen and view the music/song and festivities "LIVE" beginning at 3 pm today!

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Invite Ron Paul to Iowa on June 30th

To: Edward Failor, Iowans for Tax Relief and Steve Sheffler, Iowa Christian Alliance

Many Americans, including the undersigned, have eagerly anticipated the presidential candidates� forum that Iowans for Tax Relief and the Iowa Christian Alliance will be hosting in Des Moines on June 30th, 2007. It will be of great interest to observe the 2008 presidential candidates in a forum that focuses on the important issues championed by these organizations.

However, it is a great shame that you have excluded Ron Paul, a candidate with a very passionate and rapidly growing base of support. Ron Paul's campaign manager, Lew Moore, called you to find out why you did not invite Ron Paul, and you did not provide an answer.

We believe that you should not exclude from this forum a candidate who is arguably the strongest proponent of many of the values you espouse. If you are indeed promoting a discussion on tax relief, the constitutionality of our current tax system should be discussed. Ron Paul is the only candidate who has shown a willingness to lead such a discussion. As for Christian issues, Ron Paul is a strong advocate for peace, both at home and abroad, through non-intervention of our Federal government in our personal lives and in other nations.

We, the undersigned, urge you to immediately extend to Ron Paul and all Republican candidates an invitation to the forum you are hosting.


The Undersigned - Click here to read and sign the petition.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Dick Cheney: The Exact Reason the GOP Needs Ron Paul

Dick Cheney's recent assertion that his office doesn't need to follow the rules and laws that govern the executive Branch because they aren't part of it is a perfect example of how far the GOP has moved away from its Libertarian roots. The GOP needs Ron Paul because he may the last conservative in the party.

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Ron Paul working to Legalize Hemp

Ron Paul is working to help Legalize Hemp in both Iowa and in Arizona. The farming communities in Arizona and Iowa would love to have to have hemp be legalized as a much needed extra cash crop. What lawmakers fail to realize is that industrial hemp, which is used to make things such as cordage, paper, and other materials, is not high in THC. Lawmakers automatically link hemp with recreational drug use though and keep it outlawed. Hemp was legalized during ww2 to help out with the war effort. Our lawmakers need to be educated about things before they vote. Click here for more.

Ron Paul Introduces Legislation to Abolish the Federal Reserve

by Steve O @ 9:15 am

Rep. Ronald Paul has been getting kudos left, right and center for his anti-war stance but lets not forget his overall libertarian stance on most issues.

On Friday, Rep. Paul introduced H.R. 2755 To abolish the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal reserve banks, to repeal the Federal Reserve Act, and for other purposes. The text of this bill is not yet available on-line but Rep. Paul introduced a similiar bill back in July of 2003 which never even made it into committee. Click here for more.

Ron Paul & the Iowa Forum - McCain Contributor Banned Ron: ACT NOW

Excluding Ron Paul from a "tax relief" candidates’ forum is like excluding Batman from an Anti-Riddler Convention.Even funnier is that these two organizations, in blacklisting Paul, reveal themselves to be even worse than the mainstream media they always criticize.An online petition in support of Paul’s inclusion in this event needs signatures here

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Infiltration and Lies Exposed -- 911 Octopus

More Education For The Masses: Please Spread Far And Wide!

Google Spider Goats is an interactive, informative documentary/compilation that goes from the fraud more... that is known as the Federal Reserve to World Trade Center 7 in less than 50 minutes.

A great film for waking up new audiences to how the United States of America's citizens are being subjected to massive deception. The film has been made for both new naive audiences with small attention spans, and truth deniers.

The film stars truth superstars Aaron Russo, Alex Jones, Steven E. Jones and Luke Rudowski. An abundance of important issues are touched on with the encouragement for the viewer to Google the subjects and read for themselves. The film has nothing to do with Spider Goats. It is titled Google Spider Goats to showcase just how many disturbing things are going on in America, unnoticed by the mass television-consuming public (i.e. crossing spiders with goats to create bullet-proof vests).

I have spent a lot of time putting the finishing touches and updating this film in the past months. I would love to send out DVD copies (with a cases and covers) to anyone who would like one, as long as they pay for shipping. I would like for this video to spread, so send links to your friends and family.

9/11 Octopus History -- The War Profiteers

911 Octopus History -- The War Profiteers

Ron Paul Blocker Is McCain Senior Advisor

Iowans for Tax Relief and Iowa Christian Alliance will host a presidential candidates forum on Saturday, June 30th in Des Moines. Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Sam Brownback, Jim Gilmore, Mike Huckabee, Tommy Thompson, and Tom Tancredo will participate.

Ron Paul, however, will not participate. Why? Because he wasn’t invited.

The Chairman of Iowans for Tax Relief, Ed Failor, is a Senior Advisor to the McCain Campaign in Iowa. Everyone calling him should be aware of that.
563-288-3600 or 877-913-3600; Fax 563-264-2413; e-mail

Read more at Daily Paul.

Ron Paul Asked About 9/11

Hat tip 911blogger.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Reporter Arrested on Orders of Giuliani Press Secretary

Manchester, NH - Freelance reporter Matt Lepacek, reporting for, was arrested for asking a question to one of Giuliani's staff members in a press conference. The press secretary identified the New York based reporter as having previously asked Giuliani about his prior knowledge of WTC building collapses and ordered his arrest.

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Corporate Media Sidelines Ron Paul Again

Texas Congressman put in shadows while establishment shills lavished with time and attention, yet Paul still wins post-debate polls.

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Viewers of last night's Republican presidential debate again came away with the distinct impression that the corporate media, in this case CNN, had again deliberately limited Ron Paul's speaking time while affording lavish attention to establishment candidates like Giuliani and McCain. Click here for more.

Keeping "Digging" This Story!!!

Reporter Arrested on Orders of Giuliani Press Secretary

Manchester, NH - Freelance reporter Matt Lepacek, reporting for, was arrested for asking a question to one of Giuliani's staff members in a press conference. The press secretary identified the New York based reporter as having previously asked Giuliani about his prior knowledge of WTC building collapses and ordered his arrest.

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Ron Paul Supporters Gather At NH Debate Rally

CNN Takes Down "Who Won"

CNN has taken down the place where people weigh in on "who won" the debate:

Originaly here:

It now redirects to who won the dem debate. Most of the comments. Several hundred were pro Ron Paul. It's time to slam CNN - click here and here for more.

Ron Paul on Tucker Carlson (again) 6/6/2007

Analysis Shows Debate Was Rigged

Establishment candidates get double the amount of questions, triple the time

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A cursory analysis of last night's Republican presidential candidate's debate on CNN manifestly proves that, as in the case of the previous debates, the corporate media rigged the event in favor of establishment candidates while blacklisting underdogs like Ron Paul.

"I think we're a powerful dark horse and I think we're knocking right on the door and I think we've got some of the "top tier" candidates pretty nervous," Ron Paul's communications director Jesse Benton said today during an appearance on the Alex Jones Show. Click here for more.

Ron Paul Audio

Click here to listen to all the great audio files of Ron Paul speaking which was all are in chronological order and present a well rounded review of Ron Paul for the listener. The most recent audio files are HERE.

Who Won The NH Debates?

Click here to vote for Ron Paul NOW!!

Infowars' Matt Lepacek arrested after GOP debate

Reporter Arrested on Orders of Giuliani Press Secretary Charged with Criminal Trespass Despite Protest of CNN Staff and Official Event Press Credentials at GOP Debate in New Hampshire

Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones / Jones Report | June 5, 2007

Manchester, NH - Freelance reporter Matt Lepacek, reporting for, was arrested for asking a question to one of Giuliani's staff members in a press conference. The press secretary identified the New York based reporter as having previously asked Giuliani about his prior knowledge of WTC building collapses and ordered New Hampshire state police to arrest him.
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Vote For Ron Paul on the MSNBC Poll

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

CNN Debate Results

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Rachel is one of the hottest supporters of Ron Paul!

Click here to vote and fan the fire and creative passion in support of freedom and liberty behind this "Rachel & Ron Paul" activist combination!