Thursday, April 26, 2007

Launching The Freedom Fellowship

A National Call To Support Ron Paul's 2008 Presidential Candidacy

April 26, 2007

Dear Friends of Freedom:

We The People have to unite as ONE (1) cohesive force of energy to manifest and celebrate the great principals of freedom that have been Divinely ordained in the creation of The Republic of the united States of America.

Since coming back from the Give Me Liberty 2007 conference in DC last month several individuals have called me to share this recurring vision for a "freedom fellowship" of like-minded individuals who want to be free from the restraint and claims of controls and limitations that too many volunteer associations have devolved into becoming. Bob Schulz received the vision for "Freedom Keepers" while friends in North Carolina received the phrase "Freedom First" in honor of the The Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence (1775). Along the same line, six individuals - myself included - recently were called to launch a local chapter of Ed Griffin's "Freedom Force International" here in Chicago.

Since the recent "National Truck Out" boycott - 4/23-25 - I have received inspiring images of rolling "wheels of freedom" evoked by "Route 66" which is also referred to as "The Mother Road". In synch with this image we have Elaine Brown turning 66 years young on the same day as Aaron Russo's "When I'm 64th" birthday, Valentine's Day. Regardless of our backgrounds and personal situations the more I look around me the more I see confirmation that We The People seek to be and remain free just like the butterflies that fly around in the beautiful sunlight from flower to flower.

There's a Presidential candidate that is calling We The People out into the light of this new day that is dawning in the history of mankind. His name is Ron Paul and he, more than any single individual in America has maintained true to his word to protect, honor and defend the Constitution of the united States of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

We're going to kick off this process with a weekly conference call to support Ron Paul's candidacy all across the country. The call will begin at 9 pm Eastern time on Friday April 27, 2007:

1. Dial 218-486-1300
2. Enter Conference Bridge Number: 556459

Let's bring every freedom-loving group together to unite behind Ron Paul's 2008 Presidential campaign all across this great county. And let's be sure to approach everyone we seek to reach out to with these words: "How can I help and serve you?"

We must ask others for permission to help and serve them for those we serve are always the true Masters and we must honor this simple principal whenever and wherever we go from this point forward. The core vision for Ron Paul's 2008 campaign is "Hope For America!" Join us in activating this vision of hope as we seek to restore this great nation as a true "Beacon of Hope and Faith For Mankind!"

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart
Chairman: Chicago Chapter of Freedom Force International
Regional Director: We The People Congress

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