Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Fundamental Question Is: Who Owns Us?

Begin at 8:33 min left on the video:

Howard Phillips:…the fundamental question is ‘who owns us?’ Do the parents have prior responsibility for the child, a prior claim on the child they brought into the world or does the government own the child?”

Ron Paul: “Unfortunately the government is winning out, whether it’s permission to a 15 year old to have an abortion…the government is given permission the entire time. It’s assumed the government is in control. Look at the tax system. The whole concept of the income tax assumes they own all of you and they’ll permit you to keep a certain percentage. And then even after we work hard, save our money and invest if we sell something we have to share our profits with the government? Then if we die we can’t even give it to our kids without….saying ‘we’ll were part owners of with the government we have to give the government this much we get to keep this much.’

So there’s another example where you have to state the principal: They don’t get anything! They shouldn’t get anything because they’re not part owners in our life and our families! And yet so often they’ll say ‘well maybe it’s 30%, we ought to settle for 28%’ you know and think it’s a great victory.”

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