Thursday, December 20, 2007

Death to the Fed! A Ron Paul manifesto

A return to 19th century economic policy is all the man is asking for. Is that so bad?

But then, there's also this:

The simple case for the Gold Standard is as follows:

-- Gold is God's money, he created it and all can access it freely. And he is not making any more.

-- Currently there is a dividing line. On one side, "us" people must work for money. On the other side a government created Elite Banking Cartel (the Fed) has a monopoly on the creation of money out of "THIN AIR" that they then loan to the rest of us and collect the fruits of our labors through interest (and inflation). The immorality of this system is absolute. There are slaves and masters.

--The penalty for inflation (debasement of the currency) contained in the Currency Act of 1792 was DEATH. Now inflation is considered normal. I say death to the FED, and Ron Paul is just the man to do it!!!!!!!!!

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