Thursday, May 1, 2008

Len Horowitz To Appear On Tonight's National Ron Paul Meetup Conference Call

The Obama/Wright Controversy: A Symptom of a Rigged Election

by Leonard G. Horowitz DMD, MA, MPH, DNM, DMM
Author of Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional?

This Obama/Wright controversy is a deadly deception and political distraction in a rigged election. Spinning decade old news--Rev. Wright's unsettling truth-telling--precisely when Barack Obama was about to trounce all competition is suspect; even obviously telling: The illusion of wrongdoing by Rev. Wright is being spun to demonize Obama, a shill candidate, advancing a predetermined plan to put a witch in the White House.

Who controls such shenanigans, American politics and propaganda? The economic power restricting American political representation to two parties, flip sides of the same corrupt co[i]n, marginalizes and demonizes humanitarian truth-tellers for multi-national corporate control. Thus, the media and mass mind is effectively misdirected to tolerate, even generate, the genocides against which Rev. Wright preaches.

How dare the pundits indict th is holy man when, by their ignorance and prostitution, they shun for profitable political expediency the millions of people morbidly wounded and mortally sacrificed to the military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel?

If vaccines triggered AIDS, as Rev. Wright and scientists worldwide now preach, what makes you think such profitable contaminations and exterminations died with Tuskeegee? Can the world's wealthiest vaccine-maker, Merck, be trusted to give us anything better than VIOXX?

Politics played as usual assures you will never know who or what ails you, poisons your children, kills your parents, and pollutes our planet. If AIDS (like environmental pollution) is not a "socio-political imposition" as the late great Jonathan Mann, AIDS czar for the World Health Organization, said exposing the iniquity and impotence of his political appointment, what do you call popping pills to cure every ill and accepting side effect s far worse than the original diseases? Only fools and madmen call this genocide civilized.

Now, by his spoiled harvest, we know Barack Obama. As my letter to Rev. Wright stated, "Rather than modeling faithful and honest leadership to remedy this nation's and world's gravest inequity, that of man's inhumanity towards man through the administration of . . . genocide, [Obama] chose political expediency over Divine loyalty. In so doing, he rejected the opportunity . . . to save our human family from the ongoing and increasing tragedy of population decimation."

Obama no longer deserves my vote. Nor does the White House witch prescribing cheap drugs, vaginal vaccines, medical IDs, and biochips for a "freer America." John McCaine already appears and acts comatose. That only leaves Ron Paul.

About the author:
Dr. Leonard G.Horowitz has authored dozens of scientific articles and sixteen books about health and natural healing. He has been interviewed repeatedly as an expert guest on every major television and radio network throughout North America. His works on vaccination contaminations and government suppressed health risks has made him world famous for helping to save millions of lives. This article was prompted by Rev. Wright's direction on network television for serious HIV/AIDS investigators to "read Dr. Horowitz's book,Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional?"

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