Saturday, August 23, 2008

McCain Homes Flap Is No Joke - From The Road

McCain Homes Flap Is No Joke - From The Road: "(CHESAPEAKE, VA.) - Barack Obama was handed a gift-wrapped package from John McCain on Thursday.

Just as the Illinois senator has begun focusing on economic concerns with greater intensity, McCain made a comment that opened wide a gulf between him and the electorate he is wooing.

McCain was asked a simple question during an interview with Nothing tricky about it. No curevball this: How many houses do you and Mrs. McCain have?

'I think,' said McCain, 'uh, I'll have my staff get to you. I'll try to tell you about that.'

Huh? Most Americans would certainly be able to answer that question, especially the ones facing foreclosure or mortgages that are ratcheting up."

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