Thursday, October 15, 2009

Project Camelot interviews Jordan Maxwell

To All:

This is for real, folks. I cannot be any more plain. However there are those who are not destined to know. You may be one. The Spirit within you will decide for you whichever side you choose. For those of you who have never heard of Jordan Maxwell, Jordan has researched the Occultic Secret Societies since he was 19 in 1959. That amounts to 50 years of research. Jordan is one of the most respected researchers in his field.
He has been a "featured speaker" on many highly respected programs and has rubbed shoulders with everybody in his field that is anybody. He names most of them in the video. He happens to mention another man who was phenomenal in explaining the "Hollywood" world purpose many years ago and who has long since passed on, a Hollywood Insider named Myron Fagen. Somewhere I have his audio tapes going back many years. His message was astounding. In this recent interview Jordan details his findings regarding what is happening and how he sees the end of our civilization approaching in the very near future. If you are only slightly interested, please, for your own good and that of your family, at least take the time to view and see the video from 2:24 hours on to the end which is less than 25 minutes. You will be thankful you did, that is a PROMISE from me to you.

I will gladly accept your "Thank You's". The video is the youtube one. The second is a few paragraphs of a synopsis of the video which you may want to read first to whet your appetite. As you view this, for those who are unaware and have never heard this before, I warn you - - HANG ON TO YOUR LEDERHOSEN with both hands! I will repeat again - - This is for real. The Symbolism you may have missed is hidden in plain view. You are simply unaware you are unaware.

Bob Jungles

Jordan Maxwell:
The Takeover of Planet Earth

Los Angeles, September 2009

This is worth watching...

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