Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"FREEDOM"....'ode to Ron Paul'

Produced by Ralph Buckley who wrote:

"FREEDOM" 'ode to Ron Paul'...(c)ralph buckley

Let the 'blues explosion continue'.... This is another sort of 'write it...record it...& get it out quick song.

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in something, that I forget to eat sleep or doing anything else until I get it to the point where I can share it.

It certainly is amazing to witness so many folks getting tuned in. This is a Revolution indeed. When I was searching for pics to use in this video, I found a classic style painting of a Revolutionary War scene, the flag that the soldiers are flying says "Blogger"... and I thought to myself that yes...this is so true. We are witnessing a very different type of 'revolution'. This is a 'grass roots' blogger revolution, and as long as the internet can remain free, then anyone...anyone can express themselves.

....and we are!!!





"9/11 Conspiracy Blues" CD available at:

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