Friday, March 7, 2008

Iran's Oil Bourse Will Start Operations Feb. 17, IRNA Reports

By Ayesha Daya

Feb. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Iran's oil exchange will start operations on Feb. 17, the official Iranian news agency IRNA said, citing the country's oil minister.

The Iranian rial will be used for all transactions on the Tehran Oil Bourse, Gholamhossein Nozari said today, according to IRNA.

Iran, the second-largest producer in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, was originally expected to start its own oil-trading market in 2005. Africa

Editor's Note:
This was the cause of the dollar's collapse below a three much channel of support since November 2007 and subsequent strong rallies in gold and silver markets. Listen to Lindsay Williams talking about this and other related matters over on Ron Paul Revolution Radio tonight from 8-10 pm.

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