Saturday, June 28, 2008

Marc Scibilia & The FreedomTour08 Band Is Coming To Chicago Monday June 30th

Please be sure to support Marc Scibilia's FreedomTour08. Marc is an extremely talented musician-artist who has contributed greatly to the Freedom-Liberty movement in America. He stumbled onto Ron Paul via his friend, Israel Anderson, who hails from NW Zealand. Israel is the tour director and is now driving the FreedomTour08's RV to 28+ cities all across America.

Award winning Nashville film-maker and fellow liberty lover Julian Smith was honored to be asked to follow the tour and document it. An exciting way you can stay up to do date with what the Freedom Tour is doing is through their very own reality TV show which they put up daily on their website, http://FreedomTour.TV

Israel Anderson organized a $15,000 loan from Larry Lepard, the same patriot that purchased the full-page ad for Ron Paul in USA Today. That ad alone cost $80,000 btw. But the loan the tour got which was for the RV and for gas is fast depleting. Not only is it not going to be enough to get them all the way through their tour and back home again, but they also have a loan they need to pay back at the end. Let's help them with this!

You can contact Israel at or by calling 720 346 4471.

Freedom Tour '08 - The Road Trip Revolution


Silvie's Lounge
1902 W Irving Park Rd
Chicago, IL 60613

Please RSVP now by visiting this link.

For more information contact:

Rick Flosi
Phone: 773-443-7425

To learn more about FreedomTour08 click here.

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