Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Record-Breaking Foreclosure Legal Suit : Government Repo Homes Blog

Record-Breaking Foreclosure Legal Suit : Government Repo Homes Blog: "The record-breaking foreclosure legal suit is the story of the perseverance of Richard Davet. It is a testimony to his belief and conviction about the house that is his home.

The story starts in 1996 when Davet was given a foreclosure notice on his house in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. It was a spacious house with six bedrooms. Richard Davet was not like others to accept fate and move on to a rented house. He decided to cross swords with NationsBanc Mortgage Corp. in court.

He turned the fight into a full time operation by going through books on law in the local library. He challenged the lawsuit and then overwhelmed the court with motions, objections and many affidavits. At every turn he appealed against the rulings of the judge. This won for him the bonus of living for eleven years free from mortgage payments in his own house."

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