Monday, January 12, 2009

Be Very Afraid -- Harris Sherline -- GOPUSA

Be Very Afraid -- Harris Sherline -- GOPUSA: "By Harris Sherline
January 12, 2009

Unless our political leaders wake up and change course, we are headed for hyperinflation. We're not there yet, but I believe we are on the cusp, and when it happens, we will no longer recognize America as we know it.

The cause of this calamity was launched many years ago and has been continued by successive administrations, adopting policies of deficit spending.

Wikipedia defines hyperinflation as '...inflation that is 'out of control', a condition in which prices increase rapidly as a currency loses its value...A vicious cycle is created in which more and more inflation is created with each iteration of the cycle...(I)t becomes visible when there is an unchecked increase in the money supply (or drastic debasement of coinage) usually accompanied by a widespread unwillingness to hold the money for more than the time needed to trade it for something tangible to avoid further loss. (Emphasis added)." Read more.

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