Friday, February 27, 2009

American Underground Network Response To Nick Sloan:

Nick Sloan weighed in recently:

Drop The Birth Certificate Bullshit

Conservatives and other Obama opponents: Please drop this meme about President Obama's birth certificate.

This story has flared up again recently. Above is a video from some guy named Cliff Kincaid, who introduced a speaker at CPAC. Worse yet, U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby actually questioned Obama's American authenticity.

Nick's main point:

There are plenty of reasons to oppose Obama and what he does. He's an unapologetic big government liberal who has outlined a $3 trillion budget, which will create a record deficit. There's not a lot of things a libertarian like me, conservatives like you or other Republicans to like about Obama so far.

But please drop the birth certificate conspiracy theory stuff.

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American Underground Network Response To Nick Sloan:

February 27, 2009

Why don't you add a new meme to the national lexicon - ie. a "birther" is anyone who challanges Obama's constitutional eligibility to hold the office of POTUS?

The 2008 election was the political equivalent of 9/11. 9/11 gave birth to the religion of the New World Order complete with all the terror, terrorists and trouble - financial, economic and social - that have redefined the real meaning of words and phrases that were once used to define and understand America.

Individual freedom, liberty, property, rights and security all have been given completely new meanings thanks the silent acquiescense of "conservatives" like you as you sit by and remain "politically correct".

Communism is Government by violent force. Goldwater understood this. Regan eloquently addressed this with a passion-fire that awakened a generation of conservatives. There are more than just a few folks out there like who understand this. There's sweeping fire spreading across America that has the tenor, tone and ring of "violent force" an it's not coming from We The People, but from this band of socialist-communist brothers and sisters who've been angry with America for years and have salivating for the chance to grab-take-usurp power. Obama's election has lauched a Bolshevik Revolution for the New World Order without having to fire one shot. And silly "politically correct" libs like you still believe you can continue to spin your wheels and remain passive.

Why don't you read up on what We The People Foundation has been doing for the past 10+ years:

We served Barack Obama in Chicago with these petitions - as were all 535 members of Congress served on June 30th of last year - and he REFUSED to even acknowledge or sign for the receipt of these petitions.

Armed with this knowledge, I expect to see more and more individuals like Rick Santelli step forward and share the keynote energy of individual freedom and liberty.

You are a coward Nick and your cowardice should make Regan and all of our Founding Fathers roll over in their graves. We hold our heads in shame.

The American Underground Network

7:11 AM

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