Friday, February 20, 2009

An Urgent Request

An Urgent Request

An urgent request for those who have come to know of our ordeal- I emplore you to come together and unite on our behalf against the tyrannical entities set towards our destruction. This is a call for us to unite.

Hi Mit, hello Jim, hi Paul-hello Lesley- Hello Mr Tasse- I don't know if any of you know each other but Mit-Jim Stach is from and has helped propagate awareness of our plight further via proxy bulletin on and has been gracious enough to host several interviews with me as guest. Mit Etagniw is a former broadcaster with Republic Broadcasting network, and hosts a site called and has also been extremely helpful, once interviewing me while police were still outside my door during an attempted kidnapping!

Paul Verge has been enormously helpful patiently taking the time to unravel the convoluted intricacies of our plight and their ploys and has extended graciously and plentifully of his time and energy, hosting us on his radio broadcast and speaking to others about our plight; Moreover, he has been in the circles of some very high profile figures and done interview with those so noted as David Ike while loosley connected with such notable public figures as Cynthia McKinney (former congressman)

Lesley Hughes has steadfastly supported us as journalist and friend, following the repeated afflictions upon us and now witness to the collusion corruption and wrote judicial breaches of law being committed towards our harm in the Manitoba law Courts as recently as Jan 18/09. Her presence at the Public Safety Buidling Oct 27/07 surely lended heavily to preventing what would assuredly have entailed my kidnapping and torture. Canada's involvement in the kidnapping and torture of Maher Arar, Scott Loper , John Graham, Gary Freeman set vice grip precident underscoring the likelyhood of just that thing.

Michelle Gross has petitioned heavily on our behalf as head of the Minneapolis based Communities United Against Police Brutality. Having witnessed and at times been subject to the tyranny and brutality of the Minneapolis Police force, and having carefully researched the nuances of our ordeal, she has provided corroborative voucher and attest to the accuracy of our account of the attacks upon us.

While Roch Tasse, head of the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group, has written to the Public Interest Law Center, appealed on our behalf with the ACLU, and appealed to Penny Priddy parliamentary member and MP for Surrey B.C. North- valiantly yet unfortunately without response from a government clearly intent towards our perminent harm.

Winnipeg City Councilor Harvey Smith (hsmith(at)winnipeg(dot)ca has stated quite correctly that he is the only city councilor to stand up to the Winnipeg Police- and he had challenged them on our behalf-so what did they do- city council passed legislation this year making it illegal for him to help us by making it illegal for a city councilor to assist those outside of their riding- and councilor Smith's assistant stated that our case was a primary focus instumental towards that bilaw being passed!

Leon in Toronto has been extremely helpful in posting links on his company website for his Toronto game store, having first seen account of ordeal on the net almost 1 year prior and having contacted me by email thereafter. His level of awareness and
conscientiousness concerning issues of injustice and covert state tyranny have provided a common ground for me to vent frustrations and emotion over the indifference of the masses to our ordeal despite the fact that it is representative of mass tyranny culminating slowly upon those same masses.

Finally, Joshua Antonelli of the police abuse complaint centre at as per referral Jim Stach of, has been extremely receptive to our concerns and we look forward to dealing with their centre as an instrument of justice amidst the sea of injustice in which we are now cast.
Jim and Gianni Hayes ( Gianni Hayes, have done interview together and Gianni has has a post on Republic Broadcasting This is where the lineage and cross over lies: Republic BroadcastingNetwork . (She also has a position with . )

Jim had suggested he might refer me to her and I have since sent her the email below (a detailed press release giving most of the updated nuances of the state terror afflictions upon us)
I am still waiting to here back from her. Our lives are in danger, we no longer have an attorney (read the email) and we VERY MUCH NEED THE PUBLICITY EXPOSURE ON HER BROADCAST WOULD BRING. I see announcements for her broadcasts as spam in my in box every day- we MUST make use of this resource. The court is closing in upon us towards my kidnapping at this point via wrote denial of breach of law towards the occlusion of our stolent possessions with an aim to abcution and the use thereafter of this intellectual property against me in a covert tribunal- my second and my LAST.

I have tried petitioning THEAMERICANVOICE of my own accord Call in LIVE at 1-800-433-1429

Phone:541-826-9050 Fax:810-885-1842 and have spoken to a representative twice now, but have recieved no return of interest!

Some help with TheAmericanVoice and Gianni Hayes would be very much appreciated at this time.

It seems strange- I have done interviews with Charles Guiliani and spoken directly to Vincent Bugliosi an international figure during one of these sessions (“Charles talks with Vincent Bugliosi about indicting Bush for murder, and then he is joined by Aaron James and Ted Pike for the second hour.”

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2008 Charles Guiliani Republic Broadcasting
MP3 Files:

Hour 1 ,)

and yet OUR story is still in occlusion from the masses while tyranny closes in behind closed doors! We need assistance in referral very badly- I hope any of you would be able to be of assistance.


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