Monday, March 30, 2009

ABC's 20/20: Jailing Kids for Cash

Not long ago, J.A.I.L. sent out to its readership a printed story about “Jailing Kids For Cash.” This story has caused a public outrage that has now hit the national television media. 20/20 on ABC has shown a story on this on their 20/20 program, and trailers of this program may be seen as per below.

Attorney Gary Zerman of JAIL4Judges has placed out the following;

To All:

If you missed it, check out the below ABC 20/20 video re corrupt & dastardly juvenile court judges from Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Note the claim about the "corruption of silence." BUNK! Maybe a fraction is true, but the real truth is/was, many knew but were scared of the power the judges have.

Similar to the pedophile priests, even our CHILDREN are not safe with these guys.

And if you think it's just this case limited to Wiles-Barre, PA, you had better wake up. This and similar corruption runn'n rampant. It is manifest.

Thanks goes to Dr. Shirley Moore, who sent the link to me.

There is no one left to blame - but the judges/judiciary.

Attorney Gary Zerman


20/20 VIDEO:

Jailing Kids for Cash

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