Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ron Paul On The News Hour (PBS) 10/12/07

Part One:

Part Two:

David from Texas wrote:

Wonderful interview!

Finally, somebody has asked the questions that I have wanted to ask Ron Paul for a long time. After watching that interview, I am more convinced that Ron Paul is the by far the best candidate running for President.

I particularly liked the way that Ron Paul answered the questions about Medicare and welfare programs here at home. Ron Paul knows where the priorities are, he is sensitive to the repercussions of cutting programs, and knows which ones should be cut first, and how fast each one should be cut. It seems that he will do it in the best way possible. He is very Reaganesque, and I suppose that he will work hard to do what Reagan had said that he would try to do and failed.

I also particularly liked his answer to why he decided to forego his congressional pension. This man is a person of strong character and principle. How fortunate we are to have this man running for President at this crucial point in American history.

Go Ron Paul!

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Hat Tip to The Liberty Papers blog.

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