Monday, October 15, 2007

We The People Take On MSNBC In Support Of Ron Paul

Free Market News Network wrote an excellent piece this morning entitled "Ron Paul Attacks Multiply as Success Builds (2)" in which they wrote:

The MSNBC article is entitled "ROMNEY LOSES NV STRAW POLL" rather than "Ron Paul Wins NV Straw Poll" and as one FMNN feedbacker put its, "the comments [from Ron Paul supporters] are priceless."

Just two examples:

Nathan, New York, NY wrote:

I'm sorry but why was the winner of this poll only mentioned once while the loser, Romney, is in every paragraph?

Robert Werden, Liberty Hill TX wrote:

Nevada is a major win for Mr. Ron Paul. The growth rate of support seems to double each month for him. From my point of view he is the GOP front runner.
1. He wins every single debate poll,
2. he has won 16 out of 34 straw polls, coming in 2nd or 3rd in a total of 28 straw polls. Margins of win average 2-3 times the runner up.
3. He dominates all online polls by an average of 75% (which just happens to equal the percent of people against the war

The scientific polls can not be used to gauge his performance because they dont mention his name as an option.
Ron Paul will win NH primary for sure. The other states will follow.
Ron Paul has a secret weapon as well. Every single supporter will be a primary voter, while the other candidates supporters all say they will vote for their candidate if they make it to the general election.

ODDS on Ron Paul are now 4-1.

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