Monday, October 15, 2007

Support for Ron Paul should offer lesson to GOP leaders

October 15, 2007

Oregon Republicans got a wake-up call when their straw poll at the Portland World Trade Center was transformed into a Ron Paul rally, and his supporters crushed the opposition in the poll.

About 100 Paul supporters brought signs and banners, waved at traffic and pedestrians for blocks around the center, handed out literature and ended up putting Ron Paul in the winner's seat with 67 percent of the vote. Other candidates couldn't generate enough enthusiasm to get anyone at all to come out with any visible support.

Instead of ignoring or opposing Paul's efforts as they have done to date, the Republican Party leadership should be asking themselves what it is about this man that brings so many people out of their comfortable homes and hobbies to volunteer to campaign for him when other politicians are looked upon as something nasty that got on their shoe.

Here's a little hint for them: Ron Paul is today's Thomas Jefferson.

-- Denny Jackson, Independence

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