Thursday, January 31, 2008

CNN's 'The McRomney Show' | Ron Paul for President 2008 - Ron Paul Revolution

CNN's 'The McRomney Show' | Ron Paul for President 2008 - Ron Paul Revolution: "Re: The debate
On January 31st, 2008 bozokong_dot_com says:

Dear CNN,

Not the TV channel. You, who are part of the group of people who make up the organization called CNN. Yes you! Tonight’s debate highlights a sad day in your life, in your sad life. You are responsible for the demise of the human race. You are making it happen. And you know it. What is so sad is that it's for something so trivial as a paycheck. Angels are weeping in you shadow.

In memory of you things will be said. 'Their life was a sham'. This is what you are leaving behind for your kids and the human race. You are knowingly participating in enslaving the human race and it makes my stomach turn. You reek, your life reeks. You soul is crying in agony over you.

Please walk away, leave. Be someone. Speak up! 'Why won’t you let Ron Paul speak?' Let the message of freedom be heard. Let the message of the human spirit out. The human race is in a fight with a 'non living thing' a profit driven machine, without a soul. Please say no! 'I've had enough. This is not right. This is supposed to be fair. This is ugly and shameful and I don’t want to support this travesty anymore' Let Ron Paul represents the people, the human spirit that cries for advancements in Love, art"

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