Thursday, January 31, 2008

Newsweek: Four Thoughts on Tonight's Republican Debate

Stumper : Four Thoughts on Tonight's Republican Debate: "And Ron Paul was the only one who sounded like a person instead of a politician--no small feat for a presidential candidate. 'No, no, we're not better off,' he said. 'We're worse off, but it's partially this administration's fault and it's the Congress.'


4. Ron Paul: My favorite moment of the night? When Paul tsk-tsked Romney and McCain for sniping over Iraq strategy--an area where their positions are largely indistinguishable. "I find it rather silly, because they're arguing technicalities of a policy they both agree with," he said. "They agreed with going in; they agreed for staying, agreed for staying how many years? And these are technicalities. We should be debating foreign policy." The other candidates--not to mention reporters--often dismiss the Good Doctor, but as the field narrows, I have to say: it's fun to watch him give them a hard time. He was certainly talking sense tonight.

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