Wednesday, January 30, 2008 | Commentary | Commentary: "Don't Even Think About It
The war against 'homegrown terrorism' is on. Enter the thought police.

James Ridgeway and Jean Casella
January 23 , 2008

Perhaps no campaign tactic is more effective than fearmongering, and in the current presidential race the sum of all fears, once again, is radical Islamic terrorists—or 'jihadists,' to use the now-ubiquitous term. On the Republican side, it's a pissing match over who can look toughest against this shadowy enemy, with John McCain running ads showing masked Islamic gunmen, while Mitt Romney spouts the old neocon warning about forces that want to 'unite the world under a single jihadist caliphate.' Although the Democrats' rhetoric is more restrained, Hillary Clinton didn't hesitate to suggest that the new president might quickly face another terrorist attack on American soil, as part of her quest to convince voters they need her cool-headed experience."

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