Monday, July 28, 2008

A message for members of the EU on the Lisbon Treaty.

If the Lisbon Treaty goes ahead, there will be anarchy in Europe. The people will cut off yours heads because they are not willing to be treated like morons anymore. You might like your foreskin that you use to wipe the face that opposes you. However, how would you feel if your natural talent was cut off? That is exactly how the people of Europe feel about the Lisbon Treaty. You may circumcise yourself but you do not have the right to circumcise the people.

Are you aware that circumcision creates anger in those that have been defiled?

Are you aware that when you cut the skin of the people that you mutate their genetics and it creates disease?

Are you aware that you are cut off from God when you are cut off from the people?

Think wisely before you act against the people. When you take on the people; YOU take on God as well. The darkness dies and the light prevails. The light of God is the order of this cosmos.
Members of the EU that work against the people also work against the divine order of God.
You who are arrogant think that God will allow you to get away with your plans unhindered.
You are foolish if you think you are wise. Anyone that supports the Lisbon Treaty needs their heads tested.

I, the Lord God Almighty stand with the people for freedom, justice, equality and human rights. Go against the will of the people at your own peril, the self-destruct button will be the result. If you proceed in the same manner; you are going against the will of the people and God. People are not a commodity without love they become so. Let not your own desires make you into a commodity that is as fragile as a foam cup.

You are light-weights and full of bubbles that can be burst compared with those that I instruct to do the will of God.


Lotus Feet

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