Thursday, July 24, 2008

Revolution Ron Paul Style, the Fun is Just Beginning

Find Freedom at "As anyone who has been paying attention to the Ron Paul r3VOLution knows, the movement was never really about getting Ron Paul elected president – although that certainly should have happened considering the other (cough) candidates and it would have been the icing on the cake – it was about getting the message of freedom back into the American consciousness. His was a campaign about getting rid of the Fed and returning to honest money. His was a campaign about dismantling the IRS, eliminating the income tax and allowing the people to keep the fruits of their labor. It was a campaign about ending not only the war in Iraq, but American involvement in all wars. It was about bringing home not only the men fighting and dying on foreign battlefields, but those conducting their everyday lives on bases even in peaceful countries where our imperial presence is maintained. It was about paring down the centralized federal government to a more manageable size and freeing ourselves from its omnipresence. Basically, it was about changing the paradigm we live in and ridding ourselves of our dependency on government."

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