Thursday, November 6, 2008

Black Widow??

And to this historic moment in time, the new American President’s wife, Michelle, presented herself to the World at the side of her husband as both the United States new First Lady and a ‘visual warning’ to her, and her husbands, enemies that she would not become the ‘black widow’ they fully expect her to be.

Though virtually unnoticed by the American people, and totally ignored by their propaganda media, Michelle Obama stood confidentially beside her husband on this historic night garbed in the ancient African Bantu ceremonial ‘Royal Robe’ meant to signify that that which they most feared would not hold power over them, and which in this case was her dress of black doused with the reverse triangles of red upon her breast and abdomen like the ‘black widow’ spider she has called to have power over. Read more here and here and here.

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