Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Federal Lawsuit Against Obama

I do not do this, as a rule. I don't like asking for people to stand up when the situation calls for it as I think that each person can do what they are able in their own way. If you prefer inaction to help, press delete now. If you want Obama to have to admit the truth, read this and forward it to as many as you can then post it to every blog you know.

Some of you know about the calls to action we've been pushing for to force Obama to admit his true birth certificate into public view, instead of the abbreviated document that isn't even good enough to get a drivers license or register to vote. I do care, and you should too, that Obama hasn't released the real document. McCain released his records to the judge overseeing his case before they were even demanded.

Why does it matter that we see Obama's real birth certificate?

If we are to elect an unqualified candidate that assumes office, nothing that office holder does has any validity. Imagine a president that has no authority running your military, nominating judges and other officials, and pretending to sign laws: all of those acts are automatically invalid. That is the only reason this matters.

As McCain has been ruled by a judge to be Constitutionally eligible for office, we must also know for a fact that all candidates are so eligible by verifiable documentation for the offices they seek and those they hold.

Third party candidates that understand they have no capacity for victory are now acquiring fresh copies of birth records from their hospitals for public inspection and are joining in a federal lawsuit. Wiley Drake, the Vice Presidential candidate of the the American Independent ticket has stepped up to the plate to not only prove his natural born status, but to challenge Sen. Obama for proof he is also eligible.

What we need to bolster this suit and it's standing to settle this matter of Obama's birth place, other than a real copy of the Senator's birth certificate, is for all of you to forward this request to everyone you know.

The request is this: a group of 24 electors for two different presidential tickets is preparing to file suit to gain access to Sen. Obama's birth certificate, however, because of their political parties, their suit would be automatically viewed as partisan and would likely be thrown out. Please, if you know or any one you know, is interested in joining a law suit to force Sen. Obama to reveal the truth, it would be tremendously helpful to having a fair and impartial outcome this Tuesday.

We need persons who are members of the electoral college, preferably democrat, to volunteer their names on this suit by Monday. There is need for all political parties to be represented in this suit. The outcome of this election is imminently upon us. If you don't rise to this occasion, who will?

For those willing to respond, please include your name, address, and phone number to be added properly. Send responses to

David Archbold, Notary Public
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