Monday, November 24, 2008 Angry Americans protest against U.S. monetary policy

RT: Crisis Chronicle : Angry Americans protest against U.S. monetary policy: "While leaders in Peru grapple with the financial fallout, Americans angry at the multi-billion dollar bailout plans are protesting in Washington. They say the U.S. Federal Reserve, far from helping solve the financial crisis, is taking money out of their pockets.

Today is National End The Fed day, and a number of U.S. citizens concerned with the country’s fiscal policy have gathered in 39 cities nationwide at each Federal Reserve building saying that they are sick and tired of being robbed." Read more.

Editor's Note: During the height of the "cold war" against Russia the US Media could be counted on to at least print a good dose of truth about what was really going on inside Russia. Today Russia seems to be returning the favor as Russians are reporting on the truth far more than our controlled media.

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