Monday, April 6, 2009

Hemp for Victory

Hemp for Victory: "Bring back industrial hemp
Eighty years ago, using a dizzying barrage of propaganda dirty tricks, the chemical company DuPont with the help of newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst succeeded in having the cultivation and possession of hemp criminalized.

The reality is that industrial grade hemp cannot be used to get high and it's one of the most useful plants in human history.

Two US Congressmen, Barney Frank and Ron Paul, have introduced the Industrial Hemp Farming Act to change this sorry state of affairs. Eight other Congressmen from both parties have co-sponsored it.

Currently, about 99% of marijuana that is being eradicated by the 'heroic' efforts of the DEA and other publicly funded layabouts is 'ditchweed,' completely unsmokable biological material descended from hemp plants that used to provide America and the world with cloth, fiber, paper, industrial lubricants, and even food (the seeds are as nutritious as milk.)

Perhaps sanity will prevail."

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