Wednesday, April 15, 2009

PETER ROFF: Tea Parties — Mission Accomplished « FOX Forum «

By Peter Roff
Fellow, Liberty Institute/Former Senior Political Editor, United Press International

The attention being given the national tea party movement is nothing short of remarkable. Organized by a few people using new social media tools like Twitter and Facebook, it has blossomed into a genuine social movement composed of Republicans, Libertarians, Independents and even a few Democrats, all of whom feel as though they are being taken for granted by their elected leaders in Washington.

And it’s no wonder. From their point of view the politicians in Congress are passing out money, our money, to people who don’t deserve while conveniently ignoring the role that government played in creating the housing bubble that led to the current economic crisis.PETER ROFF: Tea Parties — Mission Accomplished « FOX Forum «

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