Saturday, April 11, 2009

Principles In Liberty: Principles In Liberty #36

Principles In Liberty: Principles In Liberty #36: "This episode is the full 4 hour recording of the Seattle Continental Congress Meeting held on April 8th at the University of Washington. Enjoy!


Recorded on 4/8/2009

00:30 PreIntro
02:34 Intro and Prayer
04:41 Steve Pidgeon Intro of Bob
05:00 Constitution is in great danger: overview of where we are
05:45 Constitution is the only source of legit power for this out-of-control government
06:23 What can we do?
06:40 Must use lawful means
07:36 Self-proving rubrik of the truth.
07:57 Democratic components does not make a democracy
08:16 Bill of rights - first ammendment
08:53 Intro of Bob Schulz

Click here to read more and listen to the entire podcast of this event.

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