Friday, December 18, 2009

Olbermann's Pledge: I'll Go To Jail Before Buying ObamaCare Insurance

By Mark Finkelstein
December 16, 2009

Maybe Leavenworth has a TV studio Keith could use . . .

On tonight's Countdown, Olbermann vowed to break the law and go to jail if ObamaCare requires him to buy private-sector health care insurance. Keith made his macho boast in the course of his melodramatic Special Comment this evening. FULL STORY

Why the mad rush to pass this garbage called health care reform? Keith Olbermann and Howard Dean are saying that it just benefits the industry at the cost of the people. How about Wall Street? How can Wall Street benefit from this health care reform? Well, lets see, if government controls who can have what treatment, and your old and ill, and you have a nice life insurance policy to sell so you can get the money you need, wall street and the insurance companies can make out very well.

Special thanks to Rose Lear over at the Hello Michigan blog for the heads up.

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