Saturday, December 19, 2009

Prepare For Rebellion, Obama Orders US-Canadian Troops?

James Madison wrote:

Don't know if this is real but I think it is and everyone should read this.

Be sure to watch the video here also. Something smells real funky to me.

I'm counting on those of you who help me keep up with this sort of thing to aid in determining the validity of this report. It seems we keep getting more and more of these kinds of reports. At what point do we say "YES, something is going on?". Does any one have info on what is going on here? If so please let me know. I will send a follow up to this in a few days after everyone has time to do a little research and get back to me.

I am not trying to constantly "push the panic button" as some have accused. I just feel that if there is any legitimacy to these reports the word needs to get out quickly. I follow up with whatever info I get so all of you can make up your own minds from what is presented.

Those of you who have been sharing your thoughts on the various issues I have posted
should know that I get MANY notes of thanks from lots of folks like me who are just
trying to piece this stuff together and understand what the heck is really happening.

You should all know how appreciated you are. Words cannot express our gratitude. Many of us would be totally lost in the void of misinformation and propaganda and outright lies if not for your factual and logical and intellectual responses to my inquiries. Please know that your efforts are aiding a great many people. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I would also wish to add my personal wish that each and every one of you be blessed as you celebrate the birth of our Savior. May the Creator of all that is shine the light of life abundantly upon you and grant you peace and prosperity and good health.

In service to the Creator and His children always.

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