Wednesday, May 6, 2009

First 100 Weeks: American Underground Network

Dear Friends of Freedom:

We The People in America have recently witnessed the passing of the "First 100 Days" of the current "administration" in DC. We would like to invite you to listen in and participate on a very special commemorative conference call to commemorate "The 100th Week of the American Underground Network's National Collective Consciousness Conference Call" - formally called "the National Ron Paul Meetup Conference Call". Over the past 102+ weeks - we took two weeks off for the holidays last year - the participants and guest of this conference call have participated and witnessed so many great-wonderous events and projects over the past 100+ weeks since our first call on May 17, 2007 - two days after the Ron Paul Revolution really blasted off in his comments against Rudy Giuliani at the Republican Presidential debates in South Carolina on May 15, 2007 which was EXACTLY one year after the birth of the AFTF Volunteer Network in 2006.

We are going to take the opportunity on this call to very quickly march through some groundbreaking stories of events and initiatives that are taking place around the country, including the following:

1) Annette Lundeby, mother of Ashton Lundeby

2) Aaron Bolinger, Founder NVCCA // National Veterans Committee on Constitutional Affairs

3) Doyel Shamley with "Hour Of The Time" - The Legacy of William Cooper

4) Bob Schulz: WTP Continental Congress 2009 & The Jekyll Island Project

5) Rob Williams: Vermont Commons: Voices of Independence

6) Sam Sewell, National Press Secretary, American Grand Jury

Kathleen Kardaras & The Reason Individualism Freedom Institute

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