Monday, May 4, 2009

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No planes

Believe your own eyes

By this point in time, most people who've bothered to really look into the 9/11 story realize:

1. There is something seriously amiss and still unexplained about the late afternoon collapse of World Trade Center Seven on 9/11.

2. The "crash of United 93" in Pennsylvania left an awfully small hole on the ground and no visible wreckage - or bodies!

3. The wreckage at the Pentagon is in no way consistent with the crash of a large jet passenger plane. Not only that but also on the day of impact, all the local security camera video was seized and has been kept from public view ever since.

Now, get ready for a real shocker, one that will require you to really stretch your mind on the subjects of perception, propaganda and evil.

Here it is:

The evidence is overwhelming that no jetliners hit the Twin Towers.

No plane in Pennsylvania. No plane at the Pentagon. And no planes in New York either.

I know this sounds crazy, but stick with it for a moment.

How do we know there were no planes in New York?

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