Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kathleen Kardaras & The Reason Individualism Freedom Institute

Kathleen Kardaras is the author of "13 Virtues to Transcend the Chaos: Ben Franklin for the 21st Century". She earned a doctorate in psychology from Adler, a master's in education from Northeastern, and a bachelor's in communications from U of I/Chicago.

For 10 years she has directed the University Honors Program at NEIU, and has maintained a private practice with The Kore Concept, a consultancy organization for transforming lives through building practical skills- resume writing, job interviewing, maintaining peak job performance.

She serves as co-chair for development, along with Marsha Enright, the founder, for the Reason, Individualism, and Freedom Institute, which supports the College of the United States, a new 4 year, classical liberal arts college using the Great Books of Western Civilization for its curriculum, and socratic dialogue as its teaching method. The college is being established in response to the need for young people to develop a critical appreciation for the founding ideals of the country. The College of the US will offer its first summer seminar this July in Chicago. Students ready to enter college will spend one week examining the pressing issues of the day through the lens of analysis, reason, and investigation as they interact with business leaders and professionals to examine how our freedoms are enacted and impacted in the work place.

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