Monday, September 10, 2007

The Aaron Russo Memorial Service Friday September 7, 2007

Ron Paul and the Aaron Russo Memorial ServiceSeptember 10th, 2007 by Steve

Brian Doherty accurately wrote:

Attended a memorial service for Aaron Russo, the film producer and libertarian activist, this afternoon at Hollywood’s House of Blues. It was one of the “celebrating a life, not mourning a death” variety.

Rep. Ron Paul was there and said some words about Russo the freedom fighter, and Russo’s pet causes of abolishing the IRS (got a big round of applause from this Hollywood crowd) and the Federal Reserve.

As I arranged for both Ron Paul and Brian Doherty to attend the event, I thought I’d tell the political side of the story from my perspective.

This portion of the story started when I was speaking with Heidi Gregg, Russo’s loving and devoted partner in both good times and in bad, shortly after Aaron’s passing. For those not aware of the pertinent parts of my background, I served as Aaron’s campaign manager during his 2004 Libertarian Party presidential bid and assisted with field production in a few of the Washington, DC scenes of America: From Freedom to Fascism. Read more here.

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