Saturday, September 8, 2007

Nice Guy Kevin Barrett Spins 9/11 Planes:

Here is the big picture: the blood libel that young Arabs hijacked specific flights and crashed them into U.S. landmarks fuels the war on terror, a.k.a. the world domination project. Preserving the plane fiction is the perpetrators' Maginot line. Once we breach this fortification, a complete rout will swiftly follow. The public will find out that Katie Couric, Peter Jennings, Charles Gibson and the beloved leadership of corporate media were accessories to mass murder. Media are the enforcement arm, psy-ops, of the powers-that-be, the mind control engine, the propaganda matrix. Once their deception and treasonous collaboration come into bright sunlight for all to see, an unprecedented wave of anger will be unleashed against the killers, their media mouthpieces and their paymasters. The traitors will be "drowned" and America's reinvention will begin. This explains the intensity of the no plane debate.

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