Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Is Technorati Jamming Ron Paul??

For the past 2-3 weeks I have noticed a very disturbing trend on Technorati.com which I believe is an example of jamming - ie. blocking - the process of disclosing and seeking internet-blog content on Ron Paul's campaign.

You can take the test yourself to see this jamming-blocking in action by taking the following steps:

1) Visit Technorati.com

2) Click on

3) Scroll down the list until you find "Ron Paul" and then click on this which should bring you to a page of results like this.

4) Now here's where it gets really
interesting..... Be sure to observe the content of the articles in the list on page 1 and then follow Technorati's jamming-blocking road as follows:

a. click on page 2 - observe and compare the content with page 1

b. click on page 3 - observe and compare the content with page 1

c. click on page 4 - observe and compare the content with page 1

d. click on page 5 - observe and compare the content with page 1



If you are like me, after the 3rd or 4th page you may think you are doing something wrong for the EXACT same "page 1" results are displayed for ALL the "pages" you search for.

What are the implications of this jamming-blocking? Well, if my internet activity is
indication I am simply NOT visiting/using Technorati.com anymore to search the internet for blog content on Ron Paul. And as a result I believe there are thousands of individuals like myself who are doing the same which is naturally driving down the ranking of the search phrase "Ron Paul" on Technorati's "Most Popular" list.

There's got to be someone with far more tech-knowledge than me whose noticed the same thing. Unless I am shown some facts to the contrary I believe Technorati is jamming-blocking content on Ron Paul.

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Chris said...

It did it to me too, except with slightly different results at the bottom. I've had similar problems on Digg in the past.