Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gold & Silver Accepted Here

The fact that euros are accepted by many stores in New York City has made the news lately and is well known in gold investor circles. It is yet another symptom of the ongoing demise of the US dollar. The good news for these New York City merchants - and for all others nationwide - is that gold and silver will not be far behind and offer far better advantages as dollar-alternatives.

You may think that honest-to-goodness currency demand for gold and silver is non-existent in the US and that this will remain so until the legal tender laws are repealed (as currently proposed by Representative Ron Paul�s dual HR 42756 and HR 4683 approach) - but that is not necessarily true. Such demand will soon begin to build, regardless of Ron Paul's efforts in Congress - and it will take off very fast.

Here is why:Gold & Silver Accepted Here

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