Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ron Paul - April 15th 100 MMM - (Official Video)

Here it is. The much anticipated official video for the Ron Paul, April 15th 100 million man march on Washington D.C.

No Matter what the outcome of this race, we will forge ahead and battle to restore the Republic, the constitution, our economy and our image abroad.

It is all of our duties to move into positions of government and clean house. As Ron Paul said, "It is up to the informed and capable individuals to fix this country once the inevitable hard times come."

But don't wait until April, get organized now in your town, city, or state across the globe, in support of What Ron Paul stands for. Start small or go big, but let it be known, Ron Paul Soldiers are EVERYWHERE. And where we stand, so to does justice, principle, and a respect for all that is righteous!

RP Revolution, etc, etc.
YouTube - Ron Paul - April 15th 100 MMM - (Official Video)

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