Monday, February 25, 2008

Seize Liberty Radio Show has been Cancelled!

The Seize Liberty Radio Show, a program of energy and practical ideas on how to seize liberty for yourself and family on Republic Broadcasting Network has been canceled!

Too bad, we were to have Russell Means from the Republic of Lakota as our guest on the next show.

Why was it canceled?
We were told because of the numbers. Which means that the subject matter we discussed didn't match well with the demographic of those who listen to RBN.
So what does that mean? It means that many folks stopped listening and although no advertisers or sponsors objected, listeners called to complain that they didn't like our guests and content.
Which was what? Oh that's right, Fred and I believe in Liberty and Freedom for everyone of all races. We had people from different racial heritages on the show to talk about their struggles for freedom as well.

Let's face it folks, there is a strong belief by many in the "Patriot" movement that only one group of people should be the the "head and not the tail." Draw your own conclusions, but Fred and I believe that there is no "head & tail" in this "Patriot" Freedom Fellowship. WE ALL NEED TO STAND SHOULDER TO SHOULDER ARM in ARM as equals facing the foes of freedom together.
ALL for Freedom and Freedom for ALL!!!
We will be back at some point in another venue. Regardless, continue to Seize Liberty!!!

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