Wednesday, February 27, 2008

US Dollar Breakdown Opens New Doors For Ron Paul

The Entire World Will Know Ron Paul Soon

The entire world is about to get to know Congressman Ron Paul... very well.

Ron Paul will have the largest ad campaign in the history of American politics. In the next seven months he will have the attention of the world. His predictions are coming to pass rapidly. His warnings are being justified. All we will do is point it out. The country will be 'all ears' and ready to listen.

The lowest point in the USD's history was September 1992. That low point was voilated October 18, 2007. Since then the Dollar sank to it's lowest point in history on November 27th. It has been in what traders call a sideways channel for 90 days.

When prices break above or below a channel they usually continue in the direction of the the break. The break is usually accompanied with a 'pop' like a spring that has been wound tighter and tighter.This is not good news.

Please click on the U.S. Dollar chart below. We made history - again - yesterday Feb 26.

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