Thursday, September 6, 2007

'Fair & Balanced' Fox News tries to taint Ron Paul at New Hampshire GOP debate

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Who else but Ron Paul have the iron-clad courage to stick to his guns and tell the truth -- the truth so blunt Rudy Giuliani reacts with a mocking attitude and Mike Huckabee resort to contrivedly lame showmanship by bellowing "One nation under God, indivisible...we make a mistake [Iraq war], we make it together"?

The photo of these aspiring presidents Rudy, McCain and Huckabee should give away their elitist attitude. Creepy, huh?


If you want to see what Mike Huckabee have said in a desperate bid to score political points, skip to 3:40 time.

Also, Fox News have delivered most of the loaded questions, with Ron Paul answering forcefully to blast the moderators for their naked bias, especially implying Ron Paul of taking marching orders from Al-Qaeda. For that appallingly biased question and Paul's stern response, it's at 5:30.

Ron Paul at New Hampshire Republican Debate on Fox News

(Update: YT debate footage as originally aired on FNC, part 6)

I texted a vote R6 in Fox News Poll. Ron Paul wins at 35% [correction: 33%], making him a number one lead.

However, Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes looked stunned and tried to spin the poll result, with Alan audaciously blaming it on Ron Paul supporters for re-dialing to vote repeatedly.

Fox News Channel is never "Fair & Balanced". Its bias reek so transparently putrid it's nauseating.

Sean Hannity continues to talk Ron Paul over with his screaming "Hezbollah is a terror group!!1!1" and other contrivances in trying to challenge Dr Paul so Sean could pinpoint the Archilles' heel in ruining Paul's credibility. Sean is a card-carrying Neocon prostitute with mental health issue.

Let it be said Fox News media directors, producers, reporters, anchors and staff associates are the collective shill for the Elite. They proclaim "You Decide" but what they really want is selecting the prominent and wealthier candidates that keep the status quo -- continuing the fraud of the IRS, Federal Reserve and other monopolies; influence-peddling by AIPAC, CFR, AEI and other treasonous institutions and continuous rape of the Constitution with instruments of tyranny such as NSA, ATFE, DEA, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security -- safely while ensuring the enslavement and ruining of America in demolished values and irrational direction fraught with fear, uncertainty and moral turbidity.

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