Sunday, February 3, 2008

KUOW Seattle: The Conversation With Ron Paul

When Is The Right Time To Quit?

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John Edwards has thrown in the towel. Rudy Giuliani quit after his poor showing in Florida. It's important to pick the right time to quit. If you quit too soon, you may give up victory. If you quit too late, you could be wasting time. What lessons have you learned about quitting? It's hard to stop trying for something you want, something you've worked hard for. But sometimes it's not happening fast enough. Or it's never happen going to happen. You've probably thought about quitting, and stayed with it. Was that the right decision? Have you ever quit and looked back with regret. Share your stories. Someone who might be thinking of quitting is Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. He's down the block here in the U. District today. We'll pry him away from adoring fans for a few minutes on the phone.KUOW: The Conversation

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