Monday, February 11, 2008

The Philosophy Of Liberty

Bob Worn wrote:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This video is most probably the finest explanation of that which I have been trying to say for years and years. It succinctly brings to the fore what is either denied by individual ignorance or simply counterpoised by the fraud and lies of elected/appointed government officials. It very nicely explains that which I have spent years trying to teach, cajole, beg people to accept. Freedom and liberty are both glorious gifts from our God, our Creator, gifts that cannot be taken by man's law without a crime being committed.

As you view this excellent presentation, please reflect on our present morass of slavery, our present unconstitutional laws that allows another human to hold first lien on the home that you worked so very hard to earn and provide for the shelter, safety and comfort for your loved ones, even when that home is fully paid for!

I have said for years that I believe that the gift of this piece of real estate called The United States of America was a divine gift from God to group of needful and responsible people yearning to be free as God had intended for us to be. I believe that God wanted this United States to grow and become a beacon of hope to the rest of the world, to spread His Word and to be a Christian icon. I believe also that the writing of the Supreme law of this land that was this gift was also divinely inspired.

We have public officials that swear an oath to support that Constitution and then turn their backs on that very document and either threaten to steal your property in order to enslave you or actually, physically take your property, without ownership, and give it to another for a financial gain.

If you feel comfortable with this slavery, theft and fraud, then you need not expend your time watching this video. But, if you do realize the sad, no, terrible, situation in which most of us find ourselves today, please watch the video and pass it on to others, use it to educate your children and grandchildren and motivate all, including yourself, to act to correct this very basic but tragic wrong.

Lastly, a question. When was the last time you were asked to vote on a tax increase that took from you part of that which you have honestly earned? (When was the last time you had an involuntary tax increase on your home, your shelter, your 'castle?')

Respectfully Submitted for your information and action,

Bob Worn, Pritchett, Texas

Click here to watch the higher quality flash presentation or watch the youtube version below:

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