Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ron Paul - A Game Of Inches extended

span style="font-style:italic;">"Because we are not europeans, we are not asians, we are not africans, we are not latin, We are Americans, which means we are all of those things, living where a man is not judged by the his religion or the color of his skin but only by the content of his character, the constitution was designed to protect all of humanity with Freedom and Liberty only restrained by the rights of others, and directly formed in opposition of Tyranny and those who would choose to centralize power in a tyrannical fashion, which leads to corruption because centralized power is absolute and absolute power corrupts absolutley, that is why our constitution is the most powerful legislation on the planet, because it protects us from our own falable nature. Stand up for Freedom, one inch at a time the seeds we plant today will only strengthen the tree of Freedom tommorow!"

YouTube - Ron Paul - A Game Of Inches extended:

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