Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ron Paul We Thank You

Ron Paul We Thank You: "You Sir, have acted as a midwife to a movement, and with God's help1 this movement will renew the American ideal of liberty and justice for all.

Pandora be damned, YOU have given us the greatest gift of all....


And because you have given us this gift, we who believe in America will back you until you no longer feel you can do justice to OUR message. You have long since earned the title of a true American patriot, and now if our cause is to be won we too must shoulder our share. Let none say it was you who were unworthy, it is our fortitude which has not yet fully been brought to the test. Fight on! We salute you, and we will continue to lift up the banner of freedom so long as there is still one cherry coal in the fires of liberty!"

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