Friday, August 24, 2007


44 years later We The People are being asked to vote for our 44th President who - we sincerely hope and pray - will be the first of what we will come to understand as overseening the restoration of our Republican form of Constitutional government.

Editor's Note: The 44th prime number from/including one (1) is 191 which is the prime of God (764) = 191 prime X 4.

Also, 2008 = 251 prime X 8 and 251 years prior to 2008 was the year 1757 which was the year Emmanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) witnessed the last judgment in the spiritual heavens and hells:

"One of the more unique aspects of Swedenborg’s theology is his position that the Last Judgment was in fact a historical event that occurred in 1757. In Last Judgment he writes that...:

It has been granted to me to see with my own eyes that the last judgement has now been accomplished; that the evil have been cast into the hells, and the good elevated into heaven; and this that all things have been reduced to order, and the spiritual equilibrium between good and evil, or between heaven and hell, has thereby been restored... [A]nd a new church was instituted in the heavens, which is meant by New Jerusalem. It was granted to me to see all these things with my own eyes, in which commenced in the beginning of the year 1757, and was fully accomplished at the end of that year. (711)

The implication of Swedenborg’s philosophy, an implication that he addresses in Apocalypse Revealed, is that the idyllic state of New Jerusalem is located on earth, specifically within the Swedenborgian “New Church.”

The Apocalypse [the Revelation of St. John] does not treat successive states of the church, much less the successive states of kingdoms as some have hitherto believed, but from beginning to end it treats the last state of the church in heaven and on earth; and of the last judgement; and after this of the New Church which is the New Jerusalem. (126)" Read more here.

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